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Health Tips for Improving Lung Function

Health Tips for Improving Lung Function

Your lungs are regarded as one of the important internal organs of your body. Their normal function together with the respiratory system of your body would help you take in oxygen and abandon carbon dioxide. However, sometimes your lungs would be always subject to the environmental toxins frequently, like tail gas, cigarette smoke as well as allergens. If you are often to exposed to such harmful substances, it could lead to some lung diseases such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and other illness related to the respiratory systems. Therefore, you could follow a few tips so as to do something for improvement of your lung health.

1. If you could be engaged in some kind of exercises actively each day, it would be much helpful in enhancing the function of your lungs and your heart. It is strongly suggested that you should take part in vigorous exercises for one hour at least each day, such as aerobics, swimming, dancing and running. Before starting with certain type of exercise, you had better seek advice from your physician.

2. In your daily life, you should take some vitamin C to have more ascorbic acid supplements, because vitamin C is kind of effective antioxidant which could play a vital role in strengthening your lungs and protecting them from being damage by certain pollutants. You are kindly recommended to have one 500mg tablet once every day. In addition, you could also take some foods with high content of vitamin C, like kiwi fruit, cashews, broccoli and strawberries.

3. Try to eat plenty of soy-based foods as necessary as possible, because soy beans is rich in isoflavones, thus strengthening your lung cells so as to avoid the risk of lung cancer. At the same time, soy beans are also characteristic of anti-inflammatory function. Apart from soybeans, you are kindly advised to other kinds of soy-rich foods such as soy milk, tempeh and tofu as well as textured vegetable protein.

4. If you want to keep the healthy lungs, you had better quit smoking and leave yourself far away from the secondhand smoke, for smoking could give rise to the high blood pressure and increase the content of carbon monoxide within your blood. If you could stop smoking, it would be beneficial to you in getting better oxygen intake, improving your taste and smell as well as enhancing the performance of your lungs.

5. If possible, you should go for yoga deep-breathing exercises 30 minutes on a daily basis, because yoga breathing would do a lot of good for you to breath fully, thus ensuring increased flow of oxygen to your organs in the body.

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