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Health Tips for Good Bone & Joint

Health Tips for Good Bone & Joint

It is very important to keep your bones and joints healthy, because the bones are regarded as the solid structures consisting of your skeletal system and thus supporting your body. And joints are the junction points to connect bones together. Both bones and joint make your movement easy and flexible and offer your skeleton the stability it needs. If the bones and joints of your body are in bad condition, they would result in some kind of diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis which would in turn affect your mobility. The following tips are presented here for your consideration in regard to healthy bones and joints.

1. Care about weight control.

If you are obese or overweight, you would face some complications, such as depression, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes as well as cancer. If you are obese, the excess weight of your body would also cause some problem of your joints, somehow impacting your ability of movement. If it is serious, it would develop into the osteoarthritis. In order to prevent such thing, you had better bring your weight under control by having a daily healthy diet and avoiding the foods with high-calorie, but with little nutrients, including processed foods, deep fried foods, fast food and refined sugars, because such foods contain large amount of acid, causing inflammation of your joints.

2. Get moving.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle without regular movement of your body, you would face the problem of weight gain and the risk of development of stiff joints and weak bones. Therefore, you should be engaged in simple and easy movement everyday. For example, you could just go for a walk for 30 minutes, play with Frisbee or throw a football wherever suitable and whenever possible.

3. Go for weight bearing exercise.

When you are getting older, as a result, the density of your bones and the mobility of your joints would not stay as good as they were when you were young. It would result in osteoporosis. Therefore, you should be engaged in kind of weight bearing exercises to strengthen your joints and bones within your body. Such exercises could include back row, press on shoulder, chest and leg and tricep extension. The exercise is not only beneficial in building your muscles, but also in making your bones stronger.

4. Train for the flexibility.

If you want to keep your bones and joints healthy, why not try Yoga, because it is beneficial both for your mind and your body. As a low impact exercise, Yoga could be done through isometric contractions, thus making your joints more flexible and better lubricated. So Yoga is the better choice for your consideration in caring more about your bones and joints.

5. Have a proper diet.

As far as preserving your bones and joints are concerned, you have several dietary approaches to be taken. You could choose more milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream, because they are calcium-rich foods necessary for your bone health. For the better absorption of calcium, you are kindly advised to take some foods with high content of vitamin-D, magnesium and phosphorus, like seeds, nuts, whole grains, and soy. In addition, water is regarded as an important factor helping flush the toxins from your body and lubricate your joints. Try to drink more water as much as necessary and avoid taking some high-calorie and low-nutrient beverages such as sweetened teas, coffee, soda as well as alcohol, for such beverages are acidic-based, thus taking calcium away from your bones and making them weaker.

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