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Health Tips for Baby

Health Tips for Baby

When you have a baby to care about, you need to know something necessary in such regard. Although it is not easy to look after your baby, it would be much helpful if you could follow a few fundamental health tips to enable your baby to star with a healthy and happy life. Some top issues concerning the care for your baby includes sleeping, feeding, and safety as well as colic, which you should need your special consideration.

1. Pay attention to feeding your baby.

When you feed your baby, you should take more and practical precautions in preventing him from allergies or even botulism. It is kindly recommended that your baby should be fed with breast milk or formula before they are six months old. Afterwards, you could feed him with some dry cereal as supplement. When your baby is getting older, some kinds of foods could be slowly added to his daily diet. For example, six months later, your baby could be fed with vegetables and fruits. When he is 10 months old, he could have dairy produce, but, you should be carful of feeding him with honey, because honey would cause botulism for your baby whose immune systems are not completely developed at this moment.

2. Focus more on your baby’s sleep.

It is widely accepted that it is a hard nut to crack for parents in putting the baby into a regular sleeping routine whether he is a newborn or an older infant. Therefore, you should work out the right bedtime schedule for your baby to ensure that he would get a full sleep at night. As far as breastfeeding is concerned, you should reduce the intake of caffeine which could make your baby excited by ingesting it in breastfeeding. In addition, if you want to get your baby sleep well, you should control the room temperature to a cooler scale, (the desirable one is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit) and try to make lights dim in the room before you put your baby into bed, because it would be much helpful in regulation of circadian rhythm of your baby.

3. Care more about the safety of your baby.

Safety issue is the top one in the process of breeding your baby. No matter where he is, at home or in the car, you should be more cautious about his safety. For car safety, you should put your baby in the back seat until he is one year old and never put him in the front seat if your car has passenger airbag. Furthermore, if you want to put your baby into a crib, you should always remember to make sure that the bars of crib should be kept strictly below 2 3/8 inch and never put the crib near a window. In order to reduce the potential smothering threat, you are also strongly advised to avoid putting pillows or fluffy blankets in the crib.

4. Try to prevent your baby from colic.

If your baby keeps on crying for a quite long period of time in a day, or even continue to do so for several days in a week consecutively, you may consider that he could have colic. As the nervous systems of your baby are not fully developed, they are trying very hard to calm themselves down by the indication of crying. In such case, digestive discomfort should be thought as the cause of colic. When you think your baby might have colic, you should do something like swaddling, rocking, massaging, or playing music. To help make your baby relaxed with his tummy, you could use some probiotics and sugar water in such attempt.

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