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Health Tips for African Americans

Health Tips for African Americans

Maintaining a good health is of same importance to everyone, especially to some African Americans, because they are easily subject to certain kind of chronic diseases such as obesity. Therefore they need to take extra measures for safeguarding their health. Here are a few steps African Americans could follow in this respect.

1. Stop smoking.

Although cigarettes are harmful to the people of any race, African Americans, in particular would have a higher risk of getting deadly and preventable diseases related with smoking in a disproportionate rate compared with people of other race. Though there are more smokers among white men and women than those among African Americans, black women and men are highly subject to the danger of lung cancer. So it is strongly suggested that African Americans should stay away from the secondhand smoke, give advice to their children about the dangerous impact of cigarettes. As the smokers, they should discuss with a doctor to work out a smoking cessation program as soon as possible.

2. Pay special attention to heart protection.

The heart health should be considered as a top priority amongst African Americans to avoid some deadly diseases. According to the report made by the Office of Minority Health, African Americans face more likelihood to develop and die from heart disease than people from other races. There are 40 percent of them could suffer from high blood pressure. In order to fight against such problem, African Americans are kindly recommended to eat foods with high content of fiber, such as like vegetables and fruits, at the same time, they should try to cut down the intake of salt and cholesterol. In addition to taking some drugs for medical intervention, they should be also engaged in certain type of exercise on the regular basis for a healthy life.

3. Watch out for skin cancer.

In order to be cautious of skin cancer, African Americans should always put on sunblock with a high SPF and try to avoid longtime exposure from the sun. Although not many African Americans would have the risk of skin cancer, if they are diagnosed with such cancer, it has been quite serious already. As reported by the Skin Cancer Foundation, among African Americans, only 14 percent of them could have the chance of surviving from melanoma. So African Americans should take special cautions against skin cancer, if some abnormalities are found with their skin, they should go to the hospital immediately for medical examinations.

4. Focus on obesity prevention.

It is very important for African Americans to prevent obesity by keeping a healthy diet and doing more exercise. According to the data from the Women’s Health, the incidence rates of obesity and overweight among the women of African American are highest in the U.S., and 30 percent of their children would be likely overweight than white children. As excess weight would the main cause of diabetes and stroke, it is vital to pursue a lifestyle of eating right and staying fit. To such end, with the help of a doctor, African Americans should work out a healthy diet and a fitness plan so as to prevent and fight obesity as well as other kinds of chronic diseases related to obesity.

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