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Halloween Gypsy Makeup Tips


In general term, a gypsy was kind of  a person who had dark hair and skin with a nomadic lifestyle, having migrated from India into Europe in the 14th century and they spoke the Romany language. However, such definition has enlarged in the way that also includes those who live a nomadic lifestyle and often work as a fortune teller. Gypsy costumes are quite welcomed for Halloween and you could often do them with household items. As soon as you get your costume ready, you should polish your gypsy look with makeup and accessories.

Basic Makeup

It is widely thought that gypsies have outstandingly mysterious eyes. Therefore, you should pay much attention to this part of your face. By doing so, you should  prepare black or very dark eyeliner and a dark eyeshadow, perhaps dark gray or even deep plum. With a makeup brush, apply dark eyeshadow on your eyelid beginning from the crease of the eye then down to the top of the eye itself. It is strongly suggested that you should apply a thick line of the dark eyeliner all the way around the eye, trying hard to get as close to the eye as possible. Afterwards begin with the outside corner of one eye and use the eyeliner to draw a 1/4- to 1/2-inch line that appears to be an extension of the eyeliner on the bottom part of the eye. In other words, this line will appear to slant slightly upward from the corner of the eye. When you finish one of your eyes, go on with the other eye in the same way. Make up your lips and cheeks in  your normal way so as to make your eyes remain the focus. If you want to look  more mysterious or go for an evening Halloween party, you had better use dark red lips and a darker blush color for such function.


The original gypsies had dark hair with some gypsy costumes featuring curly, unruly hair, perhaps to add to their unkempt, nomadic image. If you have dark and straight hair, you should roll your hair with small hair rollers. If your hair is light, stay away from ultra-dark dyes, as even temporary dyes can discolor hair. For better result, you should go to local costume or party store for a gypsy wig best suiting you.

Head Piece or Jewel

It is generally said that gypsy costumes should include a head piece or forehead jewel. If you happen to get an adjustable-chain necklace, you could use it as a good headpiece. What you do is just  adjust the chain, let the necklace be rested around the top part of your head, or the pendant or jewel of the necklace would be rested in the middle of your forehead. If without such a necklace, you could got for temporary stick-on body jewels, which could be found online or at drugstores. Being inexpensive, but that could add interest to your costume. In the situation that you have neither a necklace nor stick-on jewels, you should use costume makeup or regular makeup to draw a jewel in the middle of your forehead instead.

Head Scarf

Without a head scarf, your gypsy costume makeup would be incomplete.  Although, you could put on most kinds of scarfs, those made of shiny fabrics or having a paisley print on them would present the most impact. You can tie the scarf in various ways. One of the most popular gypsy looks is to place the middle of the scarf over the top of your head in the way that it covers the area above the top of your ears. You then can either tie the scarf ends together once or twice, either on one side of your head near your ear or in the back of your head. Besides, you could try another option that  is to drape the scarf over the back, top and sides of your head so that only your face shows and tie the scarf underneath your chin.


In the stereotypical image a gypsy is always characteristic of oversized gold or silver earrings in the shape of hoops or circles. Apart from that, a gypsy often wear coins as well as multiple bracelets or bangles as their common jewelry.