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Great Diet Tips for Vegetarians

Great Diet Tips for Vegetarians

Vegetarianism is not only a diet, but also a lifestyle based solely on vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds. There are various reasons for a person to choose a vegetarian lifestyle, ranging from medical intolerances of some foods to having a moral objection on eating meat and dairy products. If you decide to go on with a vegetarian lifestyle, you could follow some of the tips listed here so that you can make sure your body maintains in good health.

1. Eat Fortified Foods.

Fortified foods contain extra vitamins that your body might lack of from the diet. You should look for foods fortified with calcium, vitamin B12 and D to obtain extra nutrient boost. Soy products are generally fortified with these preferable vitamins and minerals. If your diet lacks of fortified foods, please mix some fortified tofu with your next vegetable stir-fry or soup to get additional flavor and nutritional value.

2. Eat protein.

You need to make sure you have sufficient protein in your daily diet. The foods rich in protein include beans, seeds and nuts. Top your diet staples like salads and soups with beans, nuts and seeds to provide your body with extra protein boost. Nut butter is an alternative source of protein for a vegetarian and you can have a slice of toast spread with two tablespoon of it to energize your muscles.

3. Take Vitamins.

Daily multivitamins contain the nutrients and vitamins that the body requires to sustain proper functionalities. A good daily multivitamin needs to be a staple in vegetarians’ diet. Choose the appropriate multivitamin according to your gender and age range to get the best results as those products are tailored to what your body needs to support it at a certain age. For pregnant, nursing women or those who has any condition that might cause your body to call for more nutrients, consult with your health professionals to determine the best multivitamin for you.

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