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Graduate School Resume Tips

Graduate School Resume Tips
When you are preparing your resume for graduate school, you should always cover any work experiences or school activities that are relevant to what you intend to study. For example, if you interned with the Library of Congress and you intend to apply to a Master of Library Science program, then you had better list what you have done there, such as assisting the archives librarian with hosting special exhibits for visitors, helping write grant proposals for the acquisition of new collections and preparing business letters for your internship coordinator. Here are some general tips you should learn when you prepare for your graduate school resume.

1. Research Experience

As research would be an important part of graduate school, in your resume, you should list your research experiences as an undergraduate or at previous jobs. If you published articles on the education system in America for a few magazines, discuss your research work in the field and demonstrate that such experiences would help you a lot for your further study as a graduate student.

2. Community Service

If you haven’t held any paid jobs, you should list any kind of your volunteer work before, because this could still be related to graduate school. If you have been involved in volunteering work at a battered woman’s shelter as a sophomore, you are now applying to a graduate social work program, you should discuss about your experiences there and how this influenced you to decide to pursue a career in social work.

3. Scholastic Achievements

List some of your most significant accomplishments as an undergraduate. If you started your university’s first academic journal with the assistance of some professors in the Spanish department, state that since it was started two years ago, the number of subscriptions has risen from 200 to 500, and that more freelance contributors have sent quality articles.