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Good Diets to Help Teenage Girls Lose Weight

Good Diets to Help Teenage Girls Lose Weight

The principle to lose weight is almost same for both teenagers and adults. As for any ordinary teen girl, doing exercises, eating healthful foods and ensuring a lower calorie intake would work well in regard to weight loss. The following are some tips for teenage girls to follow if they intend to lose some weight.

1. To learn from consultation:

Before staring with any weight-loss plan, it is strongly recommended to consult with a doctor, especially important for teens. Before going for a diet plan, some medical conditions leading to weight gain should be ruled out. Even if without any pre-existing condition, doctors could be able to offer some medically valuable advice on food and exercise. On many occasions doctors could direct you to move towards the right way and help you save more money on an outside diet plan.

2. To be careful of food:

In any teen diet plan, food choices should be regarded as a vital part, because boys could consume many more calories than girls, but no remarkable weight is gained. With a higher muscle mass, it is possible for boys to burn off more calories even if they just remain seated. Although it is seemingly frustrated, teenage girls have to recognize it, which would be helpful in allowing you to move forward by the mean of healthful and realistic eating.

You should avoid skipping meals for the sake of fewer calories. Generally speaking, this would lead to binge eating later, because when your body fails to have enough food, it would turn into survival mode and induce you to overeat so as to make up the difference.

To have breakfast, you should give up sugary kids’ cereals and instead go for adult cereal, because it has high content of fiber, but low in fat. As for a sustaining breakfast, you had better have a whole-wheat English muffin together with a pat of peanut butter and a banana.

Sandwiches are a satisfactory choice for lunch. When you prepare you sandwiches, you should go for lean meats, for example turkey, ham or tuna mixed with low-fat mayonnaise. Then you could put a slice of cheese onto lettuce and tomato or some avocado for a change. When you buy the salad, do not order crispy chicken, instead you should take grilled. At the same time, avoid having too much dressing when eating your sandwiches.

It is totally wrong to regard your diet as deprivation. You should try hard to look for alternatives that match the foods you would like to have. For instance, you could have baked crispy chicken rather than fried chicken. If you are eager to eat pizza, at first you should have a salad to fill you up and then just have a tiny piece. For snacks, try fruits and vegetables you never tried before.

3. To do exercises:

It is discouraging for many teen girls who want to lose weight that they have to do exercises. Exercising is not just related with all tedious videos and treadmills. As for those who enjoy group activities, they should choose team sports. However, if you like to do it yourself, it is better to go for ice skating, rollerblading, cycling, walking or self-defense classes. Consider your hobbies and interests and then find a way to integrate activities with them. As a musician, you should go to participate in the marching band. As an artist, why not try hiking. Take your pad and pencil or camera with you, and then go to places you would otherwise not be able to draw or film firsthand. You should remember that exercise is not necessarily regimented or tedious; it is just the option to leave the couch and get moving.