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Golf Swing Tips on Swinging a Golf Driver

Golf Swing Tips on Swinging a Golf Driver

It is not an overly difficult task to learn the techniques of swinging a golf driver, however, how to put the things learnt into practice is another story. There exists a reason why some people regard golf as “a good walk, spoiled.” Understanding the techniques doesn’t guarantee that your body is going to do as your mind tells it when you are at the tee and about to swing.

1. Grip it.

You should hold the golf driver with your left hand while the shaft should be barely touching the palm. In the same time, your pinkie should be positioned at the top of your club.

2. Make adjustment on your posture.

Set apart your feet at the shoulder-width and bend your knees a little to compose a good posture. Raise your head at first and lean forward using your hips to make sure that the driver touches the ground slightly behind the ball.

3. Keep eyes on the driver.

When you are back swinging, keep your eyes on the club driver. During this process, one should focus on maintaining the club and arms straight while he rotates his body. Bend in your left knee towards the right one and this allows the body weight to be shifted towards your back foot and generate more power.

4. Maintain the direction of the club.

You should spare no effort to keep the club’s moving direction. Your shoulders should keep parallel to the ball when the ball is hit by the driver. To maintain focus on the direction, watch the center of the ball.

5. Keep your head down.

Keep your head down when you are practicing swinging. Take some practice swings without a ball prior to each session in the driving range. The sole goal for the practice swing is to keep your head down.

6. After the hitting.

When the hitting is done, you should turn your wrists slightly and bend the elbows. If you do this correctly, the head of the clubs should stop just behind your left shoulder.

7. Practice makes perfect.

Just keep practicing and perfecting your swing techniques. To become a good golfer is a life-long pursuit and you won’t achieve it just within days, weeks or months.

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