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Golf Swing Tips on Keeping Your Knees Flexed

Golf Swing Tips on Keeping Your Knees Flexed

Professional golfers always say to an amateur golf payer that “Keep your knees bent”. Dozens of things happen together during a single golf swing, which makes it difficult to keep yourself concentrated sometimes. But there is one thing you should always keep in mind that the stiffness and rigidity are the basis for any golf swing. Your knees are a key factor to decide if your golf shot is in the thick stuff or ends up in the fairway. Here are some quick golf swing tips on keeping your knees flexed when you swing.

1. Engage your lower body.

You should remember that a golf swing requires the participation of your whole body, not just the parts above your waist. The lower body is as important as your upper body in generating power, and hence, you need to engage your lower body during the swing by bending the knees when you step up to the ball. Bending knees allows you to hit the ball with more power and get longer distance if you do this in a correct way. But please remember, avoid locking your knees at all cost, since locking your knees leads to a sprain. You should focus on using your joints during a swing but not your muscle groups.

2. Find a balance.

You should find a balance in your bend, allowing you to swing the club comfortably and generate more power. There is no definite amount of bend and your body will tell you where the good balance lies. To help achieve this, try to imagine your knees are like a spring and bounce up and down your knees gently until you find a good zone. In addition to balance of your lower body, you will also have to make sure that your upper body is balanced well over the golf ball.

3. Begin your back swing.

Your weight should be shifted toward your back leg. You should keep the knees bent, and make sure that your front knee can drop down over the ball. The majority of the weight will be supported by your back legs with knees bent.

4. Begin your forward swing.

When your upper body starts to generate power, drive your body forward using your legs. You should also keep your knees to be bent, while the back knee should begin to come forward and deliver most of the lower-body energy during a swing.

5. Follow through with the lower body.

You will follow through with your arms to finish a swing, and you should follow through with lower body as well. You should keep both of your knees parallel with the waist, which means you should face the direction of the golf shot. You should be bend your front knee a little bit and support most of your body weight on it. At this point, the bend in the back knee should bear almost no weight on it.

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