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Golf Swing Tips on Getting the Slot

Golf Swing Tips on Getting the Slot

In golf world, “dropping into the slot” or “swing in the slot” are just other forms of saying “swinging on plane”. If your swing is not in the slot, your club will be brought inside out or outside in when you make the downswing. The results of such off-plane swings are severe hooks and slices. If you want to hit straighter and improve scoring, you should practice consistently on how to swing in the slot.
1. Keep your trailing elbow close to your body when beginning your downswing. If you are a right-handed player, then it is your right elbow. Don’t allow your elbows getting too far away from the body because this leads to an out-to-inside swing plane.

2. Keep the wrists hinged so that your hands are ahead of your club. By doing so, a flatter plane is easier to be created while a whip action can generate more power. A common mistake for amateur golfers is that they unhinge the wrists just at the beginning of their downswing, placing their clubs outside the slot and also reduce the whip action.

3. Maintain a straight spine angle during the whole process of swing. In order to keep swinging on plane, you should keep yourself just rotating around the spine and limit your upper body’s horizontal and vertical movement.

4. Lead swing with hips, and allow them to pull your shoulders, torso and eventually hands throughout the swing. You can use a wall to practice this process. Stand with your right shoulder to a wall and position your body from the wall with enough distance to allow your hands to reach it when you backswing. Put your hands on the wall at the same height with your shoulders and simulate your backswing position. Set an imaginary target first, and then start to turn toward it, guiding your lower body and pulling your hands down the wall. If you do this in a right way, you will feel a stretch in your back. Continue to turn until your hands are within the level of your hips and your hands should touch the wall with your fingertips. By repeating the whole process, you should be able to feel how your body should move and how your hands should drop into the slot.

5. You can practice swinging at a driving range and make slow movements to feel your swing to increase your awareness of positions. Once you get comfortable with these positions, you can work up your way to full swings.

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