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Golf Swing Tips on Fixing the Problem of Shanking

Golf Swing Tips on Fixing the Problem of Shanking

Shanking is one of the most dreaded problem in golf world and it is one of the most embarrassing things since it is one of the most recognizable shots during golf games. If you shank, you can’t just hide it or pretend that you was trying to do something else. A shank, different from a slice that occurs when the club face is turned slightly to the side while the golf ball changes its curve to that direction, abruptly shoots to the side in straight line, no matter where the face is pointed. The reason for such outcome is because the ball never contacts the face of club when shooting a shank. Instead, the shank shoots strikes the hosel, which is the short neck that extends from the club head where the head is connected with the shaft. Hence, the shank has a nickname “hosel rocket”. The reason for causing a shank can be different from people to people, but no matter what is the cause, you will be able to overcome this problem with a few tips listed below.

1. Position a club on the ground and place it parallel to your target line.

The club will be utilized to help get your feet aligned and have a clear feeling about the direction that you wish the ball to travel.

2. Use a second club to take your normal stance.

You should place your feet at one side of the club that is for alignment, while put the ball on the other side. The ball needs to be placed at a comfortable distance—just as when you want to set up a shot. Please keep in mind that the club on the ground is simply there to keep your feet aligned correctly, and it should not disturb your swinging.

3. Stick the tee into the ground.

The tee should be positioned beside the ball but around one inch closer to you.

4. Swing as you normally do.

Try your best to hit the ball and the tee at the same time. At the beginning, you may pull the shot, but this is a normal reaction. What you should do is to stand slightly farther from the ball and you should be able to address this issue.

5. No golfer is immune to shank.

Please keep in mind, the worst thing about shanking might be the effect it could have on a golfer. Nobody is completely immune to shank and please don’t allow it to get to you when you hit a ball. If shanking becomes one of your persistent problems, spend some time with the drills to eliminate it.

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