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Golf Swing Tips on a Tight and Compact Swing

Golf Swing Tips on a Tight and Compact Swing

Swing is probably the most important component of a golf game because it play a vital role to decide where the ball gets hit, how far it goes and how fast it gets to the target. Most golfers want to have their swings to be tight and compact, so they’re able to make the balls go where you wish. Fortunately, making a tight and compact swing is not difficult, and what you need is just practice with a few tips.

1. The deep you swing, the better?

There is a common error that some golfers commit that they think the farther the back swing, the farther the ball can go. However, the Paul Wilson Golf website suggests that this might not be true. A long back swing generally means you move your arms and body to an extent more than they need to, and this leads to a less compact swing. In order to avoid this issue and make your swing more compact, you should stop the club when your shoulder rotation stops. When you are swinging, you should also make sure that your wrists are not too tight, since tight wrists result in a slower club swing and ball veering to the right.

2. Shift weight in a right way.

Weight shift is one of the most important elements during a golf swing. Weight shift consists of the process of shifting your weight from the back leg to the front side and the most difficult part of this is to catch the timing to do so. If the shifting is done too early, you may have excess and improper movement, which prevents your swing from being compact and tight. The right timing of shift the weight is the second your club contacts with the ball. When you follow through, allow your left side lead yourself through the ball and hands to follow.

3. Pay attention to gripping.

The way you grip the golf club has great influence on the swing. If you grip the club handle very loosely, the club can be out of your control easily and apply extra movement when swing. On the contrary, if you grip too hard, the way the club contacts the ball will be altered. You are recommended to grip the club on a scale of one to ten, at about a level six or the way you shake one’s hand for the first meeting. You should wrap your left hand around the handle of your golf club at around half inch from the top. Insert the pinkie finger of your right hand between your left hand’s pointer and middle fingers. Both of your thumbs should put down the shaft of the club and point downwards. If you take some time for practicing a proper grip of the golf club, you will have more control on it, which keeps you swing tight and compact.

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