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Golf Swing Tips for Two Plane Swing

Golf Swing Tips for Two Plane Swing

One plane and two plane swings are well discussed by golf instructors and golf players have succeeded in professional tours using either one of them. You may have heard several famous golfers that use two plane swing, including Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Jim Furyk. If you are considering changing to two plane swing, you will need some practice and adapt to the swing plane changing from address to the downswing when you make the backswing.

1. Go to your driving range. Warm up your body by stretching to begin your practice session. Find an object, for example, a flag as your target and address the ball. Please makes sure that you are square to the target.

2. Check both the ball position and your arm position. You should position the ball towards your front foot if you are using a driver or three wood. For shorter clubs, you should move the ball towards the middle of your stance and form a perfect triangle of your arms.

3. Start the backswing from turning shoulders to the right, if you are a right-handed golfer. At the same time, you need to make sure the shaft is on the exactly same plane it was at address until your club is at the same height with your waist. The triangle of your arms and chest should also be maintained until this point.

4. Move your club from the first plane, which is established by the angle of shaft at address to the second one. To do so, bring your hands up over your shoulders as you continue to backswing. During the backswing, bend your right elbow naturally and keep your left arm straight.

5. Look at your position when you back swing to the top. Make sure the shaft of your club is higher off the ground than it’s supposed to be when you follow the plane that you developed at address. In an ideal case, the second plane will be parallel to the first one when you swing to the top.

6. Start the downswing by turning your shoulders and continue the turning while swing your arms around the body, drop hands down into position and then hit the ball. You need to follow the second plane which is around your body and through the ball as well.

7. Unhinge the wrists at the point that you are just about to hit the ball, and allow your body turned to the left with the motion of the club.

8. Complete the swing on the second plane, and at this point, your hands should be high and left to your body.

9. Practice hitting balls and focus on hands and shaft’s positions. You should start with slow and easy swings first and then speed up to full speed swing gradually. To get yourself accustomed with the two plane swing, you may commit hours and hours to do the drill. Also, if you used to one plane swing and is changing to the two plane swing, give yourself some time because you will have to retrain your muscles.

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