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Golf Job Interview Tips

Golf Job Interview Tips

If you are looking for a job in gold industry, you can find plenty of available opportunities including general manager, director of golf, assistant golf professional and superintendent, head golf professional, etc. No matter which golf job position you are interviewing with, you should makes sure you do some research about the position and the facility prior to the interview. You competitors might be as talented as you while the interview process can be stressful, however, if you have well prepared and learned what to expect, this process can become a little bit easier. While, this might not guarantee you a job offer, you will at least have a positive experience, which helps you prepare for your future job interviews.

1. Preparing answering questions and your own questions.

You should learn about the position that you are interviewing with and get familiar with some common questions during an interview and the job description. Do some research on the facility, customers and the company’s management philosophy. Prepare a portfolio containing your previous work that is relevant to this position and submit it to your interviewer before the interviewer. This helps your interviewer ask more specific questions in regard to your past working experience and you should not have any problem answering them. Prepare your own questions to ask at the end of the interview. The questions should be well-thought and can be related with your career advancement or the company’s development, which can show your interest for the position and the company.

2. Dress professionally.

Dress professionally for the interview. You should look clean and neat. Men and women are both recommended to wear a suit while men should also wear a tie. If you smoke, don’t smoke before your interview. If you dress poorly and show up to the interview, your potential employer might consider you as a person that pays little attention to details. Additionally, please show up at the scheduled location ten to twenty minutes earlier than the appointment time.

3. Some strategies for interview.

During your interview, try to maintain positive and enthusiastic. Present your interpersonal skills and your past working experience as well as how these skills and experiences are a good fit for the position you are interviewing with. You interview might have a committee of several individual interviewer, and you should remember each of them according to their names and titles throughout the interview process. Try to limit your gestures and keep eye contact at all times. Stay relax and have some fun. With some good preparation, you will go across the interviewer confidently while your interviewer can notice that you are comfortable during the interview. Golf industry requires its employees to be around people every single day, hence, if you could appear comfortable in such a stressful situation like an interview, your potential employers assume that you will be comfortable to interact within the golf business on a day-to-day basis.

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