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General Tips for the 5 Factor Diet Plan

General Tips for the 5 Factor Diet Plan

The 5 Factor diet designed by Harley Pasternak, the famous fitness trainer, is kind of a five-week diet plan, focusing on five small meals each day rather than having normal three large meals a day. The 5 Factor plan dieter should take the specific kinds of food and do exercises on a regular basis so as to make such diet as successful as possible.

1. Stick to the five criteria.

Every 5 Factor dieter should have the meal including beverage free of sugar, carbohydrate with lower glycemic index, low-fat protein, and healthy fiber and fat. The typical 5 Factor meal should incorporate tomato juice, multi-grain, a lean turkey sandwich, carrot sticks and almonds, which could be helpful in providing principal protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat as well as other essential vitamins necessary for your body. If you need more protein, you could take tofu, which is low in fat and tasteless, could be easily flavored. Tofu is also useful, in particular for vegetarians who are on this diet.

2. Be careful of the cheat day.

As a rule, there is a “cheat” day in a week for the 5 Factor dieters. That means on that day, the dieters could leave the diet alone and have anything they like to eat. Since the 5 Factor diet has a strict portion control, the cheat day could be regarded as an unusual time to relax. But it is unwise for the dieters to go too far away, because having too much of food could stretch your stomach or even upset your stomach as well. For instance, you are not allowed to have much meat if you have already reduce it owing to your routine diet. In this case, your stomach is no longer used to meat and it has to face the problem of digestion. Thus, it could easily bring out such problems like nausea and indigestion. So, even on that cheat day, you should remember to stay focused on the kinds of foods you usually take in the week to prevent such problems.

3. Go for more exercise.

The 5 Factor diet requires the dieters to do exercise routinely for 25 minutes in five different exercise ways throughout the week in five days. Such exercises should combine core exercises, aerobics, and lower and upper body strength. You should keep on doing each of such four exercises every day, adding another exercise each day. For instance, one day you could carry out two five-minute upper body exercises and on the next day, and then turn to two five-minute exercises with lower body. Big exercises are swimming, squats, jogging, weight lifting and yoga as well as Pilates. In order to get rid of boredom of doing exercise, you could go for the different type of the exercises each day. For instance, you could go jogging one day and go swimming the following day, and then have rest for two days in the week.

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