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General Tips for Subtle Flirting

General Tips for Subtle Flirting

You may think that flirting is something related to pick-up lines, sexual innuendo or low-cut tops. However you need to consider it differently. The best flirts are intended to indicate that you have interests in somebody and want to get to him or her further. If you could learn some techniques about nontraditional and subtle flirting, it might help you be more easily noticed and result in more than you expect.

1. Find the proper opportunities.

Next time when you go to the grocery store, you had better do more rather than your shopping list, because grocery store could be regarded as a hotbed for every single stranger. Here you could find more opportunities to be engaged in flirting. It is strongly suggested that you could stay at the sampling stations set up by a grocery store for a little while and try to start a conversation with a fellow sampler, asking whether he or she appreciate the seafood bisque or think it might be too salty to take. If you happen to meet somebody wondering to choose which the better fish to buy is, you could take the chance to offer your opinion about how to cook it. It could lead to the further action later. In addition, the long checkout lines could also be the place to go for flirting as well. If possible, you could make laughter about a story you have just read from the tabloid and try to share it with the person at your side. Such techniques could also apply to the places such as shopping mall, airport or bus station.

2. Make best use of body language.

If you could better use your body language, it would be much helpful in getting your point across easily. If you are interested in somebody with whom you’re talking, you had better follow his or her body movements. It is strongly recommended that during the conversation, you should cross your legs or sip your drink simultaneously with such person so as to let him or her feel both of you on the same wavelength. It is also suggested by some experts that you should move closer and get more personal. When you lean into him or her and try to flag down a waiter, you should wait and see the reaction from the opposite side. If he or she in intended to lean back in toward you, it means that you have succeeded in your flirtation. Furthermore, the subtle touching could lead to a great move. However you should remember not overdo it, just you’re your touching around the G-rated areas like back or arms.

3. Be aware of the signals.

It is kindly advised that you should know the signal of the flirting from somebody. If you are clear of the clue that somebody else shows the interests in you and you are comfortable with it, you had better let him or her know about it. According to some experts, you could get the clues of flirtation by looking at a person’s feet. The interested person would have their feet pointed toward you, otherwise, they would point their feet away. Sometimes, you should also be mindful of the signs that somebody would like to show his or her best assets to you. For example, if a girl talking with you has been running her fingers through her long shiny hair, it means that she is looking forward to your early notice of it.

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