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General Tips and Techniques for Job Interview

General Tips and Techniques for Job Interview

Generally speaking, you could find a lot of information about techniques and tips needed for various kinds of interviews in different field, either from library or from the Internet. Even if you have numerous collection of information in this regard, sometimes, it is still hard for you to get the job you are looking for, not mention the second interview. So, here we offer some general techniques and tips for your reference and we hope you could follow such useful and practical points to find your satisfactory job through your preparations for the interviews.

1. Do a complete research.

Before your interview for a certain company, it is strongly suggested that you should carry out a complete research about such company. If you want to stand out and behave better than the other candidates, you need do your research more thoroughly and completely. You could visit its website for more detained information about its history, business scope, present situation and future development. Or you could go to library to find all possible related data as much as you could. In addition, you could talk with your family members, your friends or anyone who knows of it or have worked there. With such abundant information of the company, the employer would be much impressed on your better understanding of his company and you would get more chances to be hired by the company.

2. Take an approach of listening more and talk less.

During the interview, you should try your best to have your answers to the point and as short as possible. And you should not ramble on anything; instead you should answer what you are asked only. If you talk too much, it may annoy the interviewer and end your interview quickly without any substantial result. You should remember that the interviewer has already met so many interviewees and have much of what you could say for many times. Therefore, you should listen to him carefully and pay attention to his reaction.

3. Try to have the second interview.

When you finish your interview, you had better ask the interviewer to inform you of any details I regard to the hiring process of the company. You should be aware that when the position would be filled and who is the person to make the final decision for employee recruitment. Then you could move on for the second interview. As we all know, the first round of interviews are for the “sorting” process. If you could be selected as the candidates for the second round of interviews, you would be lucky enough to meet the persons who are really important decision makers for hiring staff in the company.

4. Follow up after-interview.

After the interview, you should act quickly for a follow-up. Instead of doing it a week later, you should write and send the Thank-You letter or e-mail the same day. You should know there are hundreds of possible candidates competing for the position you are expecting to take. If you could maintain the close contacts with your future employer, it would be much helpful for you to be more promising candidate for the applied job.

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