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General Job Interview Tips and Skills

General Job Interview Tips

Whether you are looking for a new job, or you want to have a better career, the job interview you expect would be challenging task. It is common that you are not able to predict what would really happen during the interview, but you could be well-prepared in advance   it so as to present your best image and qualifications to your potential employers. Here are some general tips and skills for the job interviews, which would be much helpful in finding the most suitable work you want.

1. Collect necessary information beforehand.

Before the interview, you should be serious about collecting enough and necessary information about the company you are applying for and the basic requirements of the position you would like to take. If you are well-prepared for some tough questions, it would show that you are quite interested in working for the company. With all necessary information in hand, you could easily and confidently explain how fit you are for the job.

2. Dress up properly.

When you go to the interview, you should dress up properly. It is kindly advised that some conservative suit would be generally acceptable. You should remember that even if you apply for a casual organization, you had better dress up nicely; it would indicate that your respect and interest in the position you are applying for.

3. The first impression really matters.

According to some experts in human resources and job-hunting, during the first phase of the interview, what really matters is not what you say, but the impressions you leave on your interviewer, which include your nice smile, proper manners, firm handshake and regular eye contact. During the interview, you should carefully consider your answers to the questions raised by the interviewer and try to grasp the main ideas of the questions. Make sure that you should keep professional, friendly and pleasant as much as possible.

4. Pay attention to the follow-up after the interview.

After the interview, you should send a thank-you note to the interviewer promptly, it would help you distinguish yourself from other candidates   and provide you with another chance to make more good impression on your interview. Once you think you could give a better answer to a certain question you have answered during the interview, you had better illustrate more in your thank-you note, if you could write it by hand writing, it would be much better. When you think there are more applicants for position, email could be more quick and appropriate.

5. What you should do and shouldn’t.

When you go and have an interview, make sure that you should be nice and friendly to anyone you meet and try your best to present your charm as much as possible, because the interviewer could easily ask the receptionist’s impression on you when you get into the company. Remember to keep professional and avoid making unpleasant comments about your last employer, which would give you additional marks to your interviewer. When you answer some questions, do take the specific examples to clarify in a clearly. Go to the interview location earlier so that you would have extra time to be ready for the interview. It is strongly recommended that you should never ask about your salary or vacation time, if possible you could ask such questions after you do get a job offer.

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