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Flirting Tips with a Man


Flirting Tips with a ManFlirting would make a woman feel attractive and feminine. However, it could be frustrating if you are not clear about how to do it properly. If you really want to flirt with a man, you should learn some tactics, such as trying eye contact, starting with a conversation and applying suitable body language, in order that you would show a man you are really interested in him. By flirting, you should make sure you are confident as well as secure in yourself. A woman with confidence is always regarded as a sexy woman.

1. Try to make eye contact.

It is common in any country or any language that eye contact is possibly the better way to initiate flirting. When you want to show your interests in a man, you should make continuous eye contact with him and keep it a few seconds longer than you should do. Instead of staring, which could be sometimes creepy, you should look at his eyes directly during the conversation. When you try to make eye contact with a man across the room, it would give you more chances to invite him to chat with you easily.

2. Try to have the sense of humor.

In most cases, men prefer the woman who has the sense of humor. If you could laugh at a man’s jokes properly, you are capable of flirting in another different way. However, remember not to overdo it, because it could only put you in the untrue situation. If you think a guy is quiet funny, you could share his jokes intently and keep smiling by maintaining the steady eye contact. In such circumstance, you are certain to give the signal that you do appreciate his funny jokes and would be engaged in further move.

3. Try to ask questions.

By asking questions, you could be easily and effectively able to demonstrate your personal interests in a man. The common question you had better ask include which type of music, movies or books he likes in his daily life. Or you could ask questions like a trip that he has been eager to plan as well as his personal hobbies. When he gives the answers, you should listen carefully and go on asking more as the follow-up. If you two shared the similar interests, and then take the chance to let him know during the conversation.

4. Try to handle body language and physical contact.

When we talk about body language, we mean the unconscious or conscious movements you do with your body to indicate your feelings at that moment. Leaning toward or leaning away from a man demonstrate the attraction of him or not. If you are really interested in him, you could direct your body at his side, and then try to find some proper excuses to be engaged in physical contact, something like lightly touching him arm or knee when you share his joke happily or go for an interesting point.

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