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Flirting Tips for Women

Flirting Tips for Women

Flirting sometimes is seen as an effective means to catch the attention from a man and it is also helpful in breaking the ice with the strangers. There are some ladies who are born to be flirters, while others could regard flirting as a challenging task. If you are nervous to be engaged in flirting with men, don’t be disappointed, because flirting is kind of skill you should learn and more practice would make you much easier when you really do it.

1. Try to be approachable.

In order to flirt with men, you should wear the clothing which would show something flirtatious and feminine about yourself. If you could find an outfit which help flatter your figure and demonstrate your unique features. Try not to ware anything disheveled or sloppy or clothing. You may show a little skin, avoid doing it too much, your goal is flirtation rather than seduction. Make sure that you are the one who is easy to be approachable. When you go out with some friends of yours, you had better leave them away before you are intended to flirt with someone. Usually men could be easily intimidated by a group of ladies and thus they would be worried about the fact that they would be rejected before your friends. In addition, try your best to keep smiling regularly, which could help you tend to be approachable and confident. Furthermore, you need to show your friendly and open body language whenever possible.

2. Try to catch men’s attention.

There are two approaches to capture a man’s attention, the first one is that you could be coy and wait for him to get close to you. And the other is that you would be bold enough to the initial move by yourself. You should know that some men would be intimidated by a brave lady, but others would appreciate it as being refreshing, for it could eases the pressure on his side. If you want to make a man approach you, you should keep eye contact with him and smile. If you think he is interested in you, then turn your eyes away quickly, and look back at him in a few moments. Once the man shows his interests in you and is courageous enough to get close to you, he surely likes to start with a conversation. As for ladies, more confidence is necessary in making the first move. The procedure is like this; make eye contact, see if he is interested and then get close to him, smile and initiate a conversation. By doing so, you could either compliment him, or find an excuse to speak to him by asking him for the time or to borrowing a pen from. If you find that he is interested in you. That is fine, move on further.

3. Try to maintain the sparks flowing.

When you start a conversion with a man you met just now, you should remember to laugh at the jokes he makes and direct the conversation towards him. It is common that men prefer talking something about themselves. You could put forward some open-ended questions, and be patient in listening while he gives the answers. The more important is that you should be yourself anyway. If you pretend to be someone else, you would not feel quite confident. If the conversation is going well and you are bold enough, you could try to touch his wrist or arm lightly in a suitable moment. If he would like to get your phone number, you could give it to him when you are really interested in the possibility of dating him. Otherwise, do not give him a fake number. If you are not interested in further move with him, just express your thanks for the enjoyable conversation, find a cordial excuse, and then leave away. When you fail in your first try, never lose confidence. It takes some time to learn flirting technique. The more often you try to flirt, the more confident you become grows. That is the fundamental key to have a successful flirting.

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