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Flirting Tips for Women

Flirting Tips for Women It is widely acceptable that it is a challenging issue for women in every place to give out the right signals in the course of flirting. Being too strong could frighten him away, while if you are too coy, it would make an impression on him that you are not much interested in him. However, if you could learn a few tips in this regard, you would expect a satisfactory result you hope in your flirting.

1. Eye contact is important.

If you want to flirt with a guy, you should have kind of strong eye contact with him. That would give him a clear message that you are interested in him. Without direct eye contact, he would feel unimportant. However, you should be aware not to make eye contact overwhelmingly, even if you think you are extremely confident. Just stare at somebody is not the flirting in real sense.   If you want to have a successful flirting, firstly, you should keep the eye contact for a few moments, and then look down politely to so as to avoid showing too strong intent.

2. The smile is necessary.

It is a very good start to maintain eye contact, but you should be also careful of your facial expression. If you just inactively stare at the guy you are intending to flirt with, he would not understand your meaning. Therefore, you keep a warm smile when you are engaged in the gaze. By doing so, you would make him feel and accept your attention in a positive way.

3. Question is additional.

If you want to go for an active flirting, you should try your best to get to know the guy with whom you are chatting with. You should learn more about him by asking some personal questions rather than focus more on yourself. In this way, you could clearly indicate that you are quite interested in his private l life and eager to build up an open and intimate communication between you. If possible, try to avoid the questions related to his career at first, because it would make him have the impression that you are more interested in money than him.

4. Genuineness is fundamental.

It is quite common that people have different ways to flirt. Which way best suits you is kind of thing you need to consider. Thus, you had better find a proper way which would not clash with your own personality, because you flirt with some guy out of the wrong way, it would make a unclear signal to the man who would misunderstand what you really means. So, in your efforts in flirting, try to be genuine in yourself and show the true and natural side of yourself.

5. Aloneness is recommendable.

When you try to flirting with a man, sometimes, you would feel acceptable and comfortable if you get some friends at your side, but that is not the case for man, for he might regard your friends as a small audience. Therefore, if you really want to flirt with a guy, you should make your efforts to do it on the one-on-one basis, which would greatly enhance your sincerity and make the environment more privately intimate. *Image source: