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Flirting Tips for People Over 50

Tips for Flirting Over 50

Flirting is regarded as kind of art. If you could handle it properly, it could offer just personal intrigue to arouse the interests from another person. Otherwise, it could be received with an instant turnoff. People over 50, even if they are called “over-the-hill,” could have their own strength in terms of its number when they are seen as part of the generation of Baby Boom. It is said that 27 percent of total population in the U.S are the people over 50. As we know that for the individuals over 50, flirting and dating as well as social networking could be remarkably different from those of younger generations.

1. Choose the suitable location.

Flirts could happen in the people of all ages. As for the younger generations, they may do with flirting in clubs or nightspots, but it does not apply to the individuals over 50. For ladies, the locations suitable for flirting should be the places in which you could find numerous men available at the spot, such as automotive departments, hardware stores or home improvement stores. As far as men are concerned, you should choose the locations at which ladies are plentiful. By doing so, the grocery store or sewing stores would be a nicer choice, there would be more male than female there. Sometimes you could visit a small café, coffee shop or bar or within the shopping mall to try your luck.

2. Create the background for flirting.

As the choice of location is quite important for flirting, but the background story is also vital for a successful flirting. For instance, if you want to have your shirt buttons required, or try to learn how to cook a rutabaga, that is the situation you should think suitable for flirting, together with your honest back story. If lady is good at home improvement, she should choose something to do with such skill, trying to looking for assistance as well as the chance for flirting.

3. Focus on eye contact.

Once some person gives assistance to the flirter, it is strongly suggested that you should look into the eyes of other person. Here and now, you should smile and nod when hearing the suggestions. However, at this moment, avoid being too eager and just be yourself, and then to see what happen next.

4. Start with the conversation.

The flirter is kindly advised to ask some specific questions to demonstrate your interest and show you are a good listener. It is  very good way to start with the conversion by asking questions to the person interested. It would incite the person to give out more personal details, if she is somehow interested, she would be willing to help the flirter for more assistance, which could be much helpful in being engaged in flirting.

5. Go for the “open” body language.

If possible, avoid standing with your arms crossed or placed them behind the back. Try your best to present your gestures honestly and appropriately. As for 20-something individuals, tossing your hair and giggling might work, but it is not the case for persons over 50. When the appropriate chance comes, you may touch the arm or shoulder of the other person’s lightly to show your approval or interest.

6. Be brave in flirting.

As the person over 50, you may be shy with flirting, but the age makes no difference in this regard. If you are fond of such thing, you should be open to any possibility of having a fun adventure with mutual flirters of different age. It all depends on your attitudes  towards flirting.

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