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Flirting Tips for Men

Flirting Tips for Men

If you are a shy guy, flirting could be one of most dreadful experiences you have to face. If you do not want to become a nervous and mumbling and wreck in front of the girl you are dreaming, you should better learn some simple flirting tips after quick preparation and then flirting would bring you a much enjoyable experience.

1. Try to build up confidence.

If you would like to greatly amp up your appeal to the female sex, you had better build up the old-fashioned confidence. Never give yourself a second-guess or have any doubt about yourself. You should stand straightly and present a proper posture. You need not to fear of looking at a woman in the eye for a quite longer time. Usually you should behave in a relaxed and laid-back manner. However, make sure to not overdo you’re your confidence so as to avoid being too conceited if not properly handled.

2. Try to be interested.

As a sure-fire flirting tip, showing you interests in what a woman has to say generally works well. In order to you’re your interests clearly and wisely, the question you could ask include her hobbies, dislikes, working experiences, aspirations as well as her family and friends. Try to star with the conversation and keep it move on towards a favorable direction. At the same time, you should show yourself as good listener and share happily with what she talks to make her believe that she is the last woman to whom you would approach on the planet.

3. Try to be engaged in teasing.

Teasing could be seen as a lighthearted, youthful and playful means to flirt with a woman. For example, if a lady accidentally spills her coffee on the table, just make a quick joke in regard to her clumsiness. You should remember keep the bottom line and never go too far so as hurt her feelings. When you do teasing, you had better keep doing it in a casual way and never hit a nerve in doing so. For instance, try to avoid teasing the lady about her outfit, which could easily make her uncomfortable.

4. Try to give compliments.

If you want to flirt with a woman in a more effective and friendly way, the application of flattery would help you move further as expected. When you make your compliments, remember to be honest and authentic with them, and try to avoid saying anything seedy. In the case of making your compliments,   you could demonstrate your appreciation of the way she speaks, the sharp eye for fashion, or even her long eyelashes. By doing so, you had better look at her directly so that you could make her feel that you are sincerely fond of her in your compliments.

5. Try to apply physical contact.

In the process of flirting, if you could wisely apply some harmless and light physical contact, it could help give out a stronger flirting signal to a woman. For example, during the conversation, you could touch the arm or hand of the woman lightly. However, it should be done in a properly, otherwise it could be regarded as offending gesture to the woman. Therefore, in such case, you should make your best judgment before moving further. If she accepts your touch gladly, it means you have a good opportunity to go a little far in building up your intimate relationships.

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