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Flirting Tips for First Date

Tips for First Date Flirting You may know that when you have your first date, it could be something nerve-wracking and at the same time, your own outstanding assets could be overshadowed by the nervousness. However, if you could learn some basic flirting tips and change some your behavior in a proper way, it would be much helpful in making yourself relaxed and going for the second date.

1. Choose your clothing.

As for your first date, it is quite obviously important that you should dress up appropriately. It is strongly suggested that you should wear the outfit that you think best suits, which could make feel much easy. Otherwise, it could cause your nervousness, which would be demonstrated by your body language. Therefore, when you go to the first date, you had better wear something more comfortable, it could help you have an easy flirting attempt so as to avoid pulling up your low-cut top anxiously.

2. Mind your body language.

During your flirting, it is kindly advised that you should synchronize your body language so as to fit the one of your date. When you see him crossing his legs, you could do the same. You could also scratch your ear subtly once you notice her doing the same thing. As for other behavior, you could place yourself at the same position as he does, making efforts to imitate his action. Such mimicking behavior would let your date get some kind of feel subconscious feeling of being trusted, familiar as well as closely linked with you.

3. Go for the non-verbal clues.

It is widely accepted that the opposite sex is intently trying to find some certain behaviors indicating your interests in them. For example, as a female, you could cross and uncross your legs, or you could have your neck or palms exposed, or you could also play consciously with your hair. As a male, you should keep smiling and maintain prolonged eye contact as well as puffing your chest out slightly. By applying such behavior, you could give out clear give signals of non-verbal which would make your date be aware of your strong interests in her or him.

4. Ask some positive questions.

When you start with the conversation with your date, you had better ask some positive questions, which would enable you to be involved in a friendly and sincere discussion with him or her, showing you are an easy person to get along with. For example, you could ask some good questions, such as “what kind of thing would make you feel happy?” or “what fun are fond of in your spare time?”

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