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Flirting Tips for College Students

Flirting Tips for College Students

During your stay at college, to learn some flirting techniques may be the kind of lesson you would be concerned about. At college, you would meet so many single people whom you are fond of. If you could learn about how to flirt with them, you could give you more opportunities to make best use of the advantage you could take so as find some potential flirting object to chat or even to date.

1. To share a class.

If you go to a same class, it would offer quite a number of chances to flirt with each other. You could sit besides the person in whom you are interested, and then ask him or her for notes from the class you fail to attend, or you could invite him or her to share your leaning tips for the coming exams. If possible, you could make efforts to be in the same group with the person you would like to flirt once some class projects is needed for  students. In such case, it would enable you to flirt during the whole semester.

2. To be there.

If you would like to flirt with somebody, make sure that you are always present. Try to follow the girl or boy you fancy and go to his or her dining hall to take the chance to meet more regularly. For further contacts, you had better know which classroom she or he often goes and be there coincidentally. In addition, you should hang out with the group of people familiar with him or her, and try to attend the events where he or she is usually there.

3. To be engaged in a mild debate.

As one of flirting techniques, initiating a mild debate with the person you think special. It would enable you to start a conversation for a little while, and then discuss hot topic of current affairs or the item popular on the campus. In order to arouse the interests of the other side, you could stir up a small controversy in a light way. Try to keep it challenging rather than threatening. By doing so, you would like to give the signal of your enjoyment in having the chance to chat so as to make acquaintance with each other.

4. To go for flirting with athletes.

If you are fond of an athlete, you should try to collect the updated information about the sports team, the games she or he would play as well as the record of the previous games. If you are not familiar with such game, do your research and find more about it. For better result, you could go to the games yourself, watching closely and knowing the scores. Later, find the opportunity to have a talk with her or him about the finished game and let the other side know you are aware about all detailed information about the game.

5. To find excuses for help.

During your stay in college, you would find yourself in some situations where you need help while doing something. For example, you try to find your way somewhere in a big campus, you are doing with a research project, or you have difficulty in understanding an academic concept of certain subject. In such cases, instead of asking help from other people, you had better turn to those people you think attractive as your potential flirting object. In such way, you are able to get more opportunities in your possible flirtation.

6. To behave yourself in a provocative way.

If you want to win the attention from your potential flirting object, you should dress provocatively but remember always do it with taste. The way you dress together with the proper posture would draw attention from him or her. You had better stand up straight with the chest out or lean in toward him or her. Try to make yourself open by facing one another and keeping eye contact within an intimate distance. Furthermore, you should also keep a balance between being open and having modesty.

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