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Firefighter Resume Tips

Firefighter resume tips
If you want to seek for a job, a resume is an important tool for that purpose, because it gives a detailed introduction to your personal information such as education, work history and special interests. Getting such information at a glance would be much helpful to recruiters in screening applicants so as to find the right interview candidates. If you intend to apply for firefighting position, following a few tips helps your resume stand out, especially since the items on the resume are the first thing that an employer will know about you.

Work History

  • Some applicants like to list every job they have ever held on their resumes. Although it could offer sort of level of detail, it would also make it a lengthy one with several pages. It is strongly suggested that you should trim the work experience to your previous jobs directly related to firefighting. These jobs do not necessarily involve in firefighting jobs themselves.If you used to a truck driver or heavy equipment operator before, you are surely skilled in operating any of the equipment on the fire truck. Therefore, on your should list only the positions you had previously, that are relevant to fighting fires,¬† Spell out exactly what experiences can carry forward. Being direct helps a potential employer cut to the chase when determining which candidates should be interviewed.


  • There are several certificates generally held by firefighters: paramedic; EMT; and firefighter certificates. List any certificates you hold that directly relate to firefighting on your resume. Remember not to present any certificates that do not relate to fighting fires or saving lives. Although it would be ¬†nice to have an accounting certificate or other accreditation, these would not influence an employer to make decision to hire you as a firefighter. The resume should be precisely targeted on those elements that help you get the job.

    Resume Length

  • It is recommended by professional firefighting recruiters that a resume be trimmed to a single page. Although you could probably have several pages filled with information,one-page resume is certainly neat and easy to read. Keeping it short also forces you to focus only on the most important information for an employer to have.