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Feng Shui Tips on House Moving

Feng Shui Tips on House Moving

It is the common belief among Feng shui practitioners that there are some vital factors to be taken into account when making a decision to choose or move into a new house. As feng shui practitioners believe, the way in which one’s home and possessions are arranged could have some influence on how events take place in one’s life. For instance, a positive arrangement would lead to good energy and good things while a negative arrangement could result in the positive energy to leave. The following tips would be much helpful in ensuring that your new home has “good energy”– “chi” in Chinese.

Space Clearing

The first thing you should think about is how to get rid of the remnant energies and chi of the past so as to stop them from influencing you negatively. Namely you should clear out two general types of chi– shar chi and si chi, meaning bad energy and stagnant energy respectively. If you intend to have your new home be clear of such negative energies, you should make it full of your own positive energies, especially sheng chi, which is auspicious. For example, if you want to bring in the positive energy, you could use a Tibetan space-clearing bell, which produces a melodic sound when rung. You had better ring such bell several times in every room of your new house. You should allow the sound to resonate until it stops. In addition incense might be burned during the period of this process.


It is strongly suggested that you should have a careful examination regarding the layout of every room in the house. As feng shui principles go, the bedroom should not be located over the kitchen, any open space, or a laundry room. Furthermore, bathrooms should not be atop a dining area or kitchen, because such arrangements might help illnesses happen within the home. The northwest portion of the house should be kept away from elements of fire, such as a fireplace. Any fire-related element in the northwest is thought to result in challenges and difficulties for the house host. On the other hand, the southwest area would suggest fortune for the house hostess.

Color Selection

According to feng shui practitioners, color might be the simplest way to shift the energies in your space, because colors express the five feng shui elements—Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood and they are different meanings in feng sui theory. Fire stands for passion and high energy and orange, pink, purple, red and strong yellow are included in fire element colors. Earth represents nourishment and stability. Earth element colors are those of include beige, light yellow, and other earthy colors. Metal indicates clarity and preciseness and color of gray and white fall into metal element catalogue. Water suggests abundance, ease, and freshness and the colors of black and blue are related to water element. Wood illustrated health and vitality and therefore the color of brown and green is closely linked with wood element. In feng shui, color is just like music, because they are kind of uplifting and nourishing. The more colors you could absorb and combine in a harmonious way, the greater your sense of well-being would be.