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Fasting Diet Tips

Fasting Diet Tips

Fasting is known to be a fabulous way to get rid of toxins, detox your body as well as lose stubborn weight. By applying a healthy fast, you will be able to give your digestive system a short break. Many people find that fasting is not helpful for them to shed pounds, but also helps them feel lighter and more energetic.

1. Choose the right healthy fast.

As there are a vast number of fast diets in the market, it might be overwhelming to figure out which is the right one for you. A basic healthful fast is normally one of vegetable and fruit juice. You could also mix in protein shakes. Although your choices of materials for fast diet are usually limited, you can still have some wonderful fruit combinations and smoothies. For example, you can make a breakfast by blending strawberries, a banana, ice and apple juice in the blender. You could also try lime and mangle, as well as pineapple and blueberries. Just go experimenting with different fruits and vegetables, and you will find the best choice for you.

For your lunch and dinner, a great recommendation is a gingered carrot soup. Do not add any of the milk. You can boil broccoli and blend it with its boiling water. To get some spice, add several drops of hot sauce. In addition, herbs and spices are great to mix in with the soups and smoothies.

2. Make sure to get sufficient nutrients.

When you are on fasting diet, take a daily multi-vitamin. You need to choose a brand that is specified for your gender. If you know the fact that you eat little of certain foods, then look into some supplements. For example, Vitamin A is usually found in a lot of leafy vegetables and you should take a daily pill if it has been a long time since you have eaten a salad. For another instance, Vitamin B is helpful in restoring nerves and brain functions. If you are about to go into menopause, you are recommended to take this vitamin because it can help with hormone production. Make sure to be advised by your doctor on what nutrients are right for you.

3. Other useful tips.

While on fast diet, you may expect to go through times when you feel hungry. Before you go to eat something, take a minute to figure out whether you are dehydrated. Sometimes our body sends signals to our brain that it is hungry while it actually needs some more water. You should drink at least 14 cups of water on your fast diet. Go out and walk around the block and you may get your mind off the feeling of hunger. Sometimes anxiety leads us to eat to self-medicate.
Don’t engage in rigorous exercise. If you are one a fast diet, your calorie intake is lower than normal level, so any strenuous activity might lead you to faint or get dizzy. Also, avoid sunbathing because sun can contribute to your being dehydrated. People who have previous medical history of hypoglycemia, diabetes, kidney disease or cancer should not take a fast diet. If you decide to go on a fast diet, only plan for a couple of days and any fat diets longer than 1o days may cause you medical problems.

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