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Fast Food Customer Service Tips

Fast Food Customer Service

The jobs related involved in fast food industry are usually fast- paced and sometimes errors do happen. Occasionally, customers would not allow you to have a break, because they often want quick and better service. In you daily work, you should maintain a positive attitude and show your respect to customers. In return, your customers would make you feel respected and satisfied as well. Here are a few tips you could follow in this regard.

1. To be polite all the time.

You should remember to be polite to your costumers by using the phrases “please,” “you’re welcome” and “thank you” in your work whenever possible. If you often use the word-“Sir” to call men and “Ma’am.” for ladies, your costumers should think that they have been received with a warm welcome. Being polite is the ever-lasting behavior.

2. To do your work happily.

It is necessary to always keep a smiling face to show your respect and offer help to costumers. If you come across something that bothers you, you had better to have a break from your busy work. The customer would like to see the professional service rather than distressed or angry staff. So it is important to let your customer know that you are happy with what you are doing, even if you have to pretend it.

3. To ask more questions if necessary.

It is kindly recommended that you should be intended to know more demands from your costumer by asking questions. Try to avoid assuming that a customer has finished his ordering until he makes it clear. It is the bad habit to cut a customer off before he is done ordering, it might make him quite angry and does no good to the company.

4. To be thoughtful with some extras.

When you serve the customer, remember to know whether they want any extras, such as ketchup, mustard, napkins or salt. If you have already offered them enough things, it would save their time and relieve yourself from unnecessary trouble.

5. To learn to apologize.

If you have made a mistake, try to boldly admit it, and show your apology for such wrongdoing. Furthermore, you should offer more kind help to your costumers to compensate your mistake. In addition, you should apologize if something is not available when asked by the customer, instead offer him some alternatives. For instance, if your shop is out of wraps, but a customer wants to order a chicken wrap, you should say: “I’m sorry we are out of wraps, but we offer chicken sandwiches that taste great as well.”

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