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Engineering Job Interview Tips

Engineering Job Interview Tips

Engineers are widely demanded in fields including biomedicine, aeronautics, manufacturing, computers, chemicals, agriculture and nuclear power. Depending on the job position you are pursuing, you may need to prepare for the engineering job interview in different directions. However, some general tips apply for all engineering job interview and they are helpful for you to land your dream engineering job smoothly.

1. Create and bring a work portfolio.

A senior recruiter, Jake Newton, from Aerotek, an engineering staffing agency, suggests that candidates should create a work portfolio so they may stand out from the other competitors. A work portfolio offers help in expressing anything that you are not able to put into words. Although you will take the portfolio to the interview, you can consider sending it to your interviewer prior to the interview or simply giving a link to an online portfolio. You interviewer will be able to review it and you can discuss about the contents in it during the interview.

2. Ask well-thought questions.

Asking some well-thought questions at an interview shows that you are seriously and genuinely interested in the job position. According a Valerie Anderson, who is a senior editorial manager of the Graduating Engineer and Computer Careers website, some smart questions to ask include: “How will you feel individuality and creativity?” “What products of the company are in developing stage?” “Is there many project or team work?”

3. Brush up on your skills.

Sometimes the interviews you are attending are simply for informational or screening purpose. There is a third type of job interview called the “audition” interview, where you will be asked to perform certain tasks that is required for the job position. For instance, you might be presented with a hypothetical issue and the interviewer will ask you how to deal with the situation. Sometimes you will also be asked to finish a task like creating a small design at the interview spot. Hence, in addition to prepare a good resume and answering potential questions, it is equally important to brush up your engineering skills.

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