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Effective Job Interview Tips

Effective Job Interview Tips

Probably answering the questions skillfully is one of the most important aspects during a job interview, but an effective job interview entails more than that. In addition to practice answering question, you should also do your homework in reviewing your credentials and giving thoughts to what you can offer as an employee. Moreover, you will need to follow up the interview with a thank-you note and further convey your interest for the position and your initiative with professionalism.

1. Prepare for the interview.

Prior to the interview, you need to do some research on the company that you are interviewing with. Go through the company’s mission statement, corporate history, latest projects, and all other information that is available on the website of the company. When you are reviewing the information, get a pen and paper in hand so that you can write down anything that you have questions or interested topic that you might want to discuss with the interview during the interview. Review the job description and advertisement before the interview and think about how you plan to answer questions like why you are interested in the job and how your credentials qualify for this position, etc.

Also, take some time to consider how to answer potential questions during the interview. Some typical questions include: why you left the last job, what are your strengths and weaknesses, where you see yourself in recent five years and so forth. It will be better that you can conduct a mock interview with one of your friends or your mentor and get some feedbacks from them.

On the day of interview, you should carefully compile all the needed documents and also bring extra copies of your resume, references’ contact information, cover letter, photo ID, Social Security card, etc.

2. During the interview.

When you are answering the interview’s questions, you should act positively and confidently and try to avoid talking bad about your previous supervisor, co-workers or working experiences. Try to answer the questions truthfully at all times and if the questions are related with difficult subjects such as being fired, you should still maintain the same fashion.

Before answering each question, you can take a short pause to think about your answer. You will be nervous at the interview, as everyone does, but you have to a make sure that you are using appropriate grammar and words, formal language, proper gesture and consistent eye contact throughout the interview process.

At this time, don’t ask any questions about salary or benefits unless you have been formally offered the position. It is a good opportunity for you to learn more about the position and the organization’s culture. Your questions can be related with your daily duties, how you will contribute to the company’s goals, is there any chance for career advancement and so on.

3. The follow-up.

Within 24 hours of the interview, you need to send a personal thank-you note to each of the interviewer. Although this can be done through email or fax, the best way is still to send a hand-written one. Use the thank-you letter as an opportunity to reinstate your interest in the position, outline your qualifications for the job and convey your enthusiasm for the company.

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