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Easy Flirting Tips

Tips for Easy Flirting

Like breathing, flirting is regarded as one of basic behaviors for human beings. In the societies in which marriage is not arranged by parents or through matchmakers, flirting could be one of useful means of demonstrating the initial interest in the person who might become your potential mate later. In addition, flirting sometimes could be also kind of fun in attraction of strangers. In both ways of flirting, here are a few tips you could follow to have more chances for a successful flirting as expected.

1. To know whether he or she is interested.

If you want to know whether your flirting works or not and then move to the next step, you should be clear about the response from your flirting partner. If he is staring you with an open stance and his thumbs are hooked into his pockets, it means that with his sub consciousness, he would like to show he is a desirable and virile male. If she has a glance at you shyly with a smile, then turn away her gaze, primping with her hair, she wants to tell you of her attractiveness. In both cases, you should be aware that it is kind of go-ahead sign and you may take your first move in flirting.

2. To be sure of body language expression.

During the conversation, you should watch closely for any positive body language. If your flirting partner turns his body directly to you, it could be seen a very good sign. If he is intended to run his fingers through his hair or she just simply gives a touch on your forearm, the chance is moving towards the favorable direction. If you could see that your flirting partner is looking at your lips, he is likely to imagine what would happen if he could kiss you. If with her unconsciousness, she is mirroring your body posture, that’s a positive sign that she is interested in you. If you could see the dilated pupils from your flirting partner, you could interpret that he or she has a strong interests. This kind of involuntary and subconscious response is quite natural for human being if they find something desirable.

3. To get closer if possible.

If you want your flirting partner know you appreciate each other’s company. A smile could be anything better. Move closer to your flirting partner and turn down your voice during the conversation in order to show the sense of intimacy, just like the one of being a couple. To make a favorable flirting environment, the shared laughter is strongly recommended, but be careful of going too far. If possible, you could tell him or her of your difficult childhood or gripes about your present boss who is hard to overbear. Such stories or jokes could helpful in making your initial conversation as much light and easy as possible.

4. To try to ask for the date.

Once you are clear that you’ve set up a rapport, you are looking forward to seeing your flirting partner again in a short time. Now it is the time for you to try to make arrangement for a date at such moment. It would be nicer to ask for her email address or phone number as the first step. Then move on later as necessary follow- up. In your following phone call or e-mails, you could give her the clues of when and where you met and remind her of something in which both of you were interested and found fun in your previous conversation. This is the special flattering which clearly indicates that you had attached more attention to her during your earlier conversation.

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