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Double Dating Tips

Double dating

Double dating should be sort of a fun, because on one hand, you could enjoy your time with your significant other and on the other, you could be involved in socializing with the other couple. However, if you have not planned it properly, it could result in some problems in such double dating. To make it as successful as possible, you should be well-prepared in advance for an enjoyable occasion everyone would share.

1. Choose the other couple intently.

When you go for a double date, you should choose the other couple with whom you are very familiar or you are confident in maintaining a strong future relationship. For instance, you and your girlfriend are fond of sports; you should avoid double dating with the couple who are interested in arts. It is very important to have a couple who could appreciate more common languages with you, but you should be carful in choosing your childhood friends or coworkers, because it would make your significant others feel uncomfortable when you two indulge in talking something either about office or childhood memory while they sit still with nothing to speak.

2. Try to arrange a proper activity.

What you should do for a double dating mainly relies on how familiar you are with the other couple. If you do not know each other well, you could arrange to go to a movie or have a standard dinner. If you are close friends, you should go for some adventurous activities. Before you decide what you are going to do on a double date, it is necessary to ask the opinion of the other couple. In regard to any concrete plan, you should take any possible factor into account in terms of preferred time dietary restrictions and personal budget. It is strongly suggested that you should plan your double date a few days beforehand for consideration of making necessary reservations or change your plan in case of something unexpected.

3. Focus on a more open conversation.

When you go on a double date, it is better to be engaged in a more open conversation. You should avoid indulging into private chitchat with your own partner or having a girls-only conversation that would keep the guys away. As for the topics, you should choose the issues in which everybody could be involved instead of some sensitive topics related with politics or religion. In addition, talk more about things which would not make anybody feel outdated or awkward. Try not to argue with your partner, if it happens, it would make other people embarrassed and uncomfortable.

4. Some etiquette to remember.

Before a double date, you should be clear of the question- “Who pays?” You should punctual on the occasion and just call if you think you would be late accidentally. You had better sit next to your partner so as to talk with the other couple easily. It is kindly advised that you should pay your attention to other guy and girl equally, but never neglect your own partner. Never have a flirtation with the other guy’s girlfriend, even if you do it just for fun. Restrain yourself from drinking too much; because alcohol sometimes helps release inhibitions, and you would be regretful for your behavior the next day. Try to find an appropriate time to end your double date when everyone thinks they all enjoy the occasion happily and expectedly.

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