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Diet Tips to Flatten Your Stomach

Diet Tips to Flatten Your Stomach

Britney Spears made flat abs famous in the 90s and now they are still admired, envied and sought after by those who are living in the fast lane and mere pedestrians alike. However, you are not going to get your flat abs if you just rely on diet pills and diuretics, starve yourself or count on crunches. Here are some tips that you can follow to flatten your stomach.

1. Reconsider your diet.

Bloating happens to even thinner people. The causes can be related with one’s personal body chemistry, while, the most commonly considered culprits of bloating include too much dairy, salt and processed foods, particularly those that contain artificial sweeteners. No matter what you do, don’t take any forms of diuretics to control your weight. Instead, you need to cut down on salt consumption and raise up your potassium intake from natural sources including vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and lean meat from fish, shellfish as well as white meat. If you think bloating becomes a chronic condition for you, you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and you are recommended to visit your doctor.

2. Cardio exercise is essential.

You should know that crunches don’t burn fat, while cardiovascular exercise does. You could tone muscles all you want, however, if there is a layer of fat above them, particularly over your abs, then nobody could see them. You will have to engage in a full-body workout including biking, running, swimming, or walking at a brisk pace. You should be aware that sports such as tennis and basketball also count as cardiovascular exercise. If you would like to get your heart rate up, you can choose a class in kickboxing, spinning and martial arts. Once you burn your calories, then the muscles that you sculpt can show your hard work and definition.

3. Be patient and examine your lifestyle.

If you are suffering chronic stress, there is high probability that you will gain weight. If you sleep less, you are likely to eat more to compensate for energy and you tend to reach for sugary, fatty or fried foods. In addition, stress has recently be connected to belly fat in particular. You need to examine and adjust your lifestyle by practicing yoga, trying to fit more time to snooze, and meditation. You should also have some patience when you are trying to lose weight and tone up your belly. Generally speaking, rapid weight loss is almost always temporary and only ways that are slow and steady can provide healthier and lasting results.

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