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Diet Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast without Workouts

Diet Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast without Workouts

Did you ever think about losing weight without exercise? Actually it is feasible if you know how many calories you are taking in. If you can stick to a diet plan and take in calories less than you burn, you lose weight, while on the contrary, you gain weight. It is just a matter of knowing what and how much to eat.

1. Decide how many calories to take in each day.

The first thing you should do is to determine how many calories you should take in every day. There are some useful websites allowing you count calories. Usually, they will ask you about your goal—lose weight, maintain weight or gain weight. Please make sure to choose the goal of losing weight. Then it will calculate the amount of calories you need to be eating every day in order to lose weight.

2. Don’t take in more than your goal.

Once you have a goal of how many calories to take in from the step 1, stick to it and don’t over take in. If you do that, you ruin your plan. If you do take in extra calories, you will need to do workouts to make up for it. For an instance, if you intake 400 extra calories, you can walk for 45 minutes at a moderate pace to burn up them.

3. Use the calories wisely.

Just because your goal is to have 1,500 calories per day, does not necessarily mean you have to fill them up with sugary foods. Instead, you should opt for lean meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and whole grain products. If you choose these healthier foods, you can actually eat more because the foods you are consuming are lower in calories than those processed foods that contain excess sodium and sugar.

4. Drink more water.

You should drink more water both before and between the meals so that you will feel full and prevent yourself from overeating. If next time you feel hungry again, try to drink a bit of water to see if it is able to hold you up until the next meal.

5. Avoid sugar, alcohol and sodas.

These products contain too much sugar and are not welcome for your diet. If you have a sweet tooth, you should opt for sugar free snacks. Keep in mind that drinks containing alcohol and sugar are high in empty calories and will do no good for weight loss.

6. Write a food diary.

Write a food diary recording everything you eat daily for at least two weeks. By doing so, you will learn what you are putting into your stomach. Also, don’t forget to put down information about the serving sizes, the amounts of servings you consumed as well as the total number of calories you consumed.

7. Exercise is vital.

Although we are discussing about losing weight without workouts, you should be aware that exercise is vital to a good health. Hence, even if you are not going to engaged in a strenuous exercise during your weight loss plan, you still need to include a little walking or other forms of exercise each day.

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