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Diet Tips on How to Gain Weight

Diet Tips on How to Gain Weight

As more and more people start to consider going for a diet in order to lose weight, there are still other are worried about being underweight. It is natural for some people being underweight and sometimes they need help in weight gaining. And others have had lost weight because of certain diseases and want to gain weight for a healthy body. Here are a few diet tips helping you gain weight in an effective way.

1. To have enough calorie intake.

It is widely recognized that 2,000 calories is required for the average person in maintaining his weight. Such amount of calories is necessary to keep a balance between the amount of calories you have from your foods and those you really burn in your daily life. Therefore, for those people being underweight, they should take in more calories than they consume. In this way, the normal figure of 2,000 calories in a day is not enough for underweight people who need to eat more than that. Sometimes it depends on how well your metabolism works, as for people with a higher metabolism, you need to take in even more calories in the process of gaining weight. Once you have already increased the calories, but there is no remarkable sign in gaining weight, it means you should increase your calories even more.

2. To go for a balanced diet.

During your daily life, you are kindly advised to take healthy foods whenever possible. When people are talking about adding more calories in a diet, they may refer to taking more junk foods for such a purpose. However, you should remember that the calories you receive from sugars as well as other empty ingredients could burn up in a faster pace and would offer no help in gaining weight more effectively. Therefore, you should stick to a diet including the recommended amounts of dairy, fats, fruits and vegetables. It is ok to have junk food occasionally, but do not take too much empty calories.

3. To take proper proteins.

As we are all aware that protein is regarded as one of the vital elements necessary for adding muscle mass. Compared with fat, muscle weighs more, so it is a healthy way to gain weight through taking proteins. Thus you need to have enough lean meats to take as much protein as you could. For example, you should go for beans, eggs, fish, peanut butter as well as dairy products, for they all have high content of protein. .

4. To get necessary carbohydrates.

It is well-known that if you take more complex carbohydrates, it would take longer time to be digested and provide more energy for in a longer period of time. At the same time, the calories you receive from these foods would enable your body longer to be burned. The faster the calories are burned within your body, the less weight you are expecting to gain. Some kinds of simple carbohydrates, such as sugars, are not helpful in gaining weight, for they could burn up very quickly. Therefore, it is better to have potatoes and whole grains, which would prolong the time it takes when your body is trying to burn through those calories, thus it could help promote your capability in gaining weight.

5. To choose healthy fats.

It is strongly recommended by some experts that you should avoid having fatty foods. In this case, they really refer to those bad fats. If it is a healthy fat, it is acceptable for you to take it as you like. You should stay away from the foods containing hydrogenated oils or saturated fats. Try to have healthier cooking oils, such as canola, olive and sunflower oil. It is quite important to have omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fats in weight gaining, for these fats is much helpful in building up muscles for your body.

6. To increase your meal frequency.

If you want to have more calories, you would need to eat more on a frequent basis. As usual, many people have three meals every day. However, if you are intended to gain weight, in addition to those typical three meals as other people do, you had better take more small meals throughout the day. By doing so, you are kindly advised to take healthier foods helping you add weight more quickly. If possible, you should wait three hours until you take a next meal so as to allow your body have a full absorption of all the nutrients from each meal.

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