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Diet Tips on How to Do the Banana Diet Correctly

Diet Tips on How to Do the Banana Diet Correctly

Since everyone is different, a diet working for others might not work for you. But the key to lose weight is the same—finding out the correct weight loss program that works for you and stick to it. In this article, we provide a revised version of the morning banana diet, which is a simple and affordable approach to lose weight fast. When you compare this diet with other weight loss programs, you will find that others often require you to purchase expensive weight loss products, making it hard to stick with the program time over time. So, here are the revised banana diet plan.

  1. Avoid sugar, alcohol and diet drinks that create a lot of sugar cravings and stall weight loss.
  2. Have one banana for the breakfast with a glass of water. Then follow this with a small healthy breakfast that contains protein.
  3. Have another banana with a glass of water for your lunch. Then have a small healthy lunch that also includes some protein.
  4. Have a banana with a glass of water for your dinner, followed with a healthy dinner that have protein.
  5. Apply portion control for your meals. In order to allow this weight loss plan to take effect, you should practice portion control strictly. While, the banana you have before each of your meals does help make it easier by taking the edge off your hunger.
  6. Do some exercise. Although the original diet plan does not call for workouts, it will be beneficial if you always strive for at least half an hour on some kinds of exercise every day.
  7. You can have a small snack during afternoons daily and make sure to have a multivitamin to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate nutrients.

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