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Diet Tips in Summertime

Diet tips in summertime.

Summer is the time when it is difficult to control the temptations in terms of related foods, such as BBQ and picnic full of calorie and fats as well as seductive drinks and cocktails in the season of summer. However, you should give special attention to weight gain while such tempting foods. If you could choose the right foods and at the same time enjoy yourself to certain extent, it would be much helpful in achieving such twin goals in summertime.

1. Go for fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is well-known that summer would be a rare opportunity to take different kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily. They play an essential part in weight control or weight loss, because they contain low calorie, many nutrition as well as large amount of fiber, which are necessary to make you feel fuller for a longer time, help regulate your blood sugar and take less fat during digestion. The healthiest foods in summer include watermelon, spinach, broccoli, zucchini and berries, which are characteristic of high content of water, low calories, fiber and antioxidants in their respective way.

 2. Be cautious of BBQs

If you want to keep a healthy summer diet, you should take special cautions when you go to barbecues or picnics, because many well-received and popular summer would contain a large amount of mayonnaise. In addition, potato chips, hot dogs and burgers would be also detrimental in regard to their high content of calorie and fat as well as refined-carbohydrate. As for the salads, you should try to not have anything that looks creamy and choose those healthier pasta salads made with vegetables and olive oil and green salads with little dressing. If possible, you should eat grilled chicken or veggie or turkey burgers rather than burgers and hot dogs. To fight against the temptation from above-mentioned foods, you should go for more vegetables, fruits and other kinds of healthy salads when you enjoy your barbecues and picnics so as to keep a healthy diet as expected.

3. Be careful about your summer drink.

It is usual that you would take various types of fruity or sugary drinks and sometimes alcohol as well. It is strongly suggested that you should drink a large amount of cold water to keep hydrated in your summer diet. By doing so, you could avoid dehydration and heat stroke. At the same time, it could be also helpful in losing weight loss, because it would make you full, depress your appetite and reduces water bloat and retention. If possible, you should avoid drinking too much summer cocktails, like daiquiris, margaritas and rum punches in prevention of over-intake of calories and sugar. Furthermore, you should remember that alcohol is also a very dehydrating drink. So when you have to take an alcoholic beverage, you had better mix it with diet soda, diet juice seltzer. Instead of strong spirit, you should have a glass of wine or a light beer. It is also kindly recommended that you should also be careful of having non-alcoholic beverages like lemonade and punch and make sure they are sugar free.

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