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Diet Tips for Women over Fifty

Diet Tips for Women over Fifty

Keeping a healthy diet offers plenty of advantages for women over 50. By maintaining a healthy diet, women over 50 could reduce health risk such as heart diseases and high cholesterol, reach and maintain a healthy body weight, feel energized, as well as strengthen their bones. Here we selected several foods that are very beneficial for women aged over 50 or older, and you could consider adding some of them into your diet plan.

1. Calcium and Vitamin D.

Women over 50 generally require a greater amount of calcium than younger women to maintain strong and healthy bones. To intake sufficient amount of calcium, women over 50 need to include at least three daily 8 oz. servings of dairy products like milk and yogurt. Vitamin D is also vital for senior women since it helps bones absorb the calcium. Foods rich in Vitamin D are salmon, egg yolk and fortified cereals.

2. Have a healthy breakfast.

Senior women should have healthy breakfast every day. By having a healthy breakfast such as whole-grain toast with eggs, women could provide their body with more energy for the whole day. You will also have extra energy for workout, which is also an essential element of keeping healthy and fit. Foods rich in iron such as liver, lean meat, and beans could enhance your energy levels because a high-iron diet prevent the occurrence of anemia, a common cause of fatigue for women, according to, a professional health website.

3. Antioxidants.

Include antioxidants into your diet could help slow down or even reverse the aging effect for women over 50. Foods that are high in antioxidants include vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, peppers, carrots, broccoli, apples, bananas, oranges, and strawberries. You can also consider eating some dark chocolate to supplement antioxidants.

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