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Diet Tips for Winter Season

Diet Tips for Winter Season

Winter is the time during a year that many people can find that their dieting plans are completely sabotaged. The cooler weather, festivities and holiday parties and the richer, heartier foods all contribute to an unwelcome weight gain. However, winter season does not have to be a time to hide you behind heavy, thick sweaters. If you can employ a few strategies during the winter season, you can still maintain your diet and achieve even better fitness and weight loss results.

1. Identify your weaknesses.

When it comes to holiday foods in winter, everyone may have one or more favorites to destroy the diet plan. It is the key to identify your diet-busting winter trigger food in advance, so that you can learn how to avoid having too much and even make healthier versions of your winter favorite foods. Some worst winter foods that might be your favorites and should be avoided include cheesecakes, holiday pies and cookies, macaroni and cheese, chowders, soups, bisques and casseroles made from cheese or cream bases, fried side dishes like French fries, onion rings and chili cheese fries, pot pies with cream, fatty meat and cheese as well as pastry crusts. If you can limit or avoid over-consuming of the abovementioned foods, you will have a larger chance to maintain a balanced diet during the winter season.

2. Make healthier substitutions.

It is suggested to choose broth-based, low-sodium and vegetable laden soups to keep you full before you have a big meal. It is also important to substitute fattening ingredients with spices so that you will have a food flavor without added calories by using lean meats instead of fattening ones, changing heavy cream with low-fat milk or fat-free milk, as well as replacing a whole egg with two egg whites in your recipes.

3. Keep exercising.

It is also essential to keep exercising during winter months. By keeping up with the regular exercise routine, despite of the cool weather, you can have a better mood and maintain your weight throughout the winter.

4. Pay attention to calorie pitfalls.

You need to pay attention to some of the winter calorie pitfalls. Some people don’t realize how many extra calories they consume in their hot and comforting winter drinks. The worst drinks in winter that you should limit include whole-milk lattes, hot chocolate and seasonal drinks containing whipped cream. You don’t have to avoid all your favorite drinks, and you can still enjoy some of them in other ways. For instance, you can choose smaller versions of your favorite creamy drinks by substituting non-fat milk to replace the whole.

5. Build your muscle.

Health care professionals suggest that winter season is a great time for lean muscle building and if you succeed, in the upcoming spring and summer, you can easily cut down for swimsuit season. Although muscle building requires an increase in caloric intake, it is still important to keep a healthy diet throughout the process. Building muscle does not mean you can take advantage of tempting holiday fare without being influence negatively.

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