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Diet Tips for Teenagers

Diet Tips for Teenagers

You may have heard about hundreds of diets—the Atkins diet, the banana diet, the cabbage diet, etc. It seems that every time you turn around, there appear a new diet guarantee you to get the best results. Some family member or friends would even claim to have significant effect after involving in one type of diet. The fact is, the only way to keep a healthy body is to eat right foods and exercise. You may get some temporary result with those rapid diets, but they hurt you in the long term. So here is the rule: make your changes permanent and just eat real foods while keep exercising.

1. Do some exercise.

Modern recommendations on daily exercise is at least 20 to 30 minutes. Instead of driving to work or school, go for a walk. You can also take regular hiking trips rather than going to the movies. If you don’t have much time to go outside, purchase a stationary bicycle from a yard sale. Even if you are just cranking up the music to dance in your bedroom, you are still in motion—which is important.

2. Get away from processed foods.

Processed foods are considered to be the culprit that leads to the fat people in America. Processed foods contain high calories and low nutrition. They are usually made with ingredients that have been treated under high temperatures and mixed with preservatives as well as chemicals to maintain color and texture. In order to keep yourself healthy, try to avoid processed foods. Even when you are in a fast-food restaurants, you can still order salads and fruits instead of unhealthy fast foods. You can have a look at a youtube video “How to get fat without really trying” to learn more about the dangers of processed foods.

3. Drink more water.

Perhaps the most important ingredient for losing weight is water. Our body require water to carry oxygen in the bloodstream for energy and for the organs’ health. Drinking adequate water can ensure that your stomach acids are capable to digesting foods appropriately, extracting nutrients that keep you from getting fat. There is no calories in water and it can make food fibers expand, which is helpful to make you feel full in a longer time. Drinks with calories often not provide sufficient nutrients, but juices are the exception. Vegetable juices and oranges juices are healthy, but those high in sugar should be avoided. Soft beverages can be the worst beverage choice for you to make because they are high in calories.

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