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Diet Tips for People Having Underactive Thyroid

Diet Tips for People Having Underactive Thyroid

Underactive thyroid and hypothyroidism are caused by the pituitary gland’s inability to produce sufficient hormones to control the metabolism. If you have these conditions, you might have symptoms including fatigue, weight gain, muscle cramps and high cholesterol. The pituitary gland is located in the front of your throat and absorbs iodine from foods and then converts the iodine into thyroid hormones. If you want to better equip your thyroid to regulate the metabolism, you can add more iodine-rich foods and also refrain from foods that inhibit hormone production. Here are some general tips.

1. Add more iodine rich foods.

If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or you are suspecting that you have the problem, you need to load up on iodine rich foods. It should be noted that you need to discuss with your doctor to eliminate the probability that you suffer from hyperthyroidism. Some foods that are rich in iodine include soy sauce, seaweed, eggs, cheeses, ice cream, yogurt, shellfish, and saltwater fish. Japanese foods such as sashimi and sushi are also very beneficial. For example, you can also start your morning off with eggs and prepare sandwiches with tuna, cheese, egg salad or shrimp salad for your lunch. Just play around with the listed foods and find the best meals that suit your taste.

2. Avoid soy products and other unhealthy foods.

Soy products are found to hinder the thyroid’s ability to produce adequate hormones. The isoflavones in these foods resemble a hormone that can block thyroid peroxidase, which is helpful in absorbing iodine. Thus, you should restrict your consumption on tofu, soy sauce, tempeh and soy milk. Keep an eye on the food labels, since soy could show up in the production of some processed foods. In order to avoid such conundrum, you can just eat fresh foods with known ingredients. Some other foods that inhibit thyroid peroxidase include cabbage, broccoli, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts and turnips.

3. Other factors to keep in mind.

It is found that low progesterone level often brought on by imbalances of hormone in women have played a hand with reducing the thyroid hormone. Meat containing estrogen will further reduce progesterone within the system. You should eat a diet of plenty of vegetables and fish. For both hypo and hyperthyroidism conditions, gluten consumption should be avoided. Before you buy foods, check out the ingredients on the food labels. Gluten can be found in pastas, breads, gravies, crackers, soups and frozen foods. There are a host of gluten-free products on the market and you will be able to find what you want to buy.

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