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Diet Tips for Mothers after Caesarean Delivery

Diet Tips for Mothers after Caesarean Delivery

After having a Caesarean section, you could follow some useful diet tips to recover faster and to lessen the pain during recovery as well. The following tips should be applied for all expectant mothers, no matter they expect to have a Caesarean delivery or not.

1. The function of creating a diet.

The main function of creating a diet for moms after a Caesarean section is to help the stomach in digesting food easily and assist the bowels in emptying without creating strain. As it is hard to have a bowel movement for a mother after a Caesarean section without suture pain, it is the key to aid mothers digest and empty bowels easily.

2. Main diet tips.

There are several main diet tips for Caesarean mothers to follow. The first one is to eat easily digestible foods and avoid those that could cause gas formation in the bowels. Some recommended foods include broth, yogurt and cottage cheese. Don’t eat beans and drink juices or carbonated beverages.

3. Time duration for the diet.

Your ability to resume eating on a normal diet is dependent on how quickly your recovery is. You will be able to return to a normal diet when you have no longer have suture pain and have easy and normal bowel movement. It is highly recommended to consult your doctor prior to changing the Caesarean recovery diet.

4. Expert Insight.

If you are on a Caesarean diet, you need to drink a lot of clear liquids after your delivery. Such clear liquids include water, herbal tea or other non-citrus juicers. Hydration can offer a lot of help on aiding your body in elimination and shortening the recovery time.

5. Some warnings.

You should consult your doctor or OB/GYN with as many questions as you can concerning the Caesarean diet as well as any other diet tips for moms after a Caesarean section. The more you know, the larger chance you will be well prepared to undergo a Caesarean section.

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