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Diet Tips for Gym Workouts

Diet Tips for Gym Workouts

If you want to stay healthy, the most essential thing to keep in mind is to combine a good diet with proper exercise. Although many people might consider eating less before and after workouts so that they can lose more weight, it is actually easier to lose weight and increase your muscle tone when you choose the right foods to eat. It should be noticed that meals take up to four hours to digest, and hence you need to plan what to eat in advance. Fatty foods are usually difficult to digest, so you should opt for some high-carbohydrate and low-protein meals on days you plan to exercise.

1. Morning workouts.

A lot of people find it difficult to have a full meal in the morning, but it is essential to have at least a small snack prior to the exercise. You can choose from a slice of toasted brown bread, a glass of orange juice or a banana, which all provide energy for your morning workouts. As it is very important to rehydrate in the morning, you need to drink some water or fruit juice before you start the workouts. After your morning workouts, please make sure to eat properly so that you will not feel tired later during the day. Generally, a low-carbohydrate meal could increase the insulin absorption, which is important for your body to metabolize sugar, thus, a protein-rich breakfast is your best choice. For example, you can eat scrambled or boiled eggs, or fruit smoothies made with oats and yogurt.

2. Midday workouts.

If you are going to exercise at the lunch time, you need to plan a high-carbohydrate breakfast earlier in that morning so that you will have enough energy for the midday workouts. You can eat something like oatmeal or porridge containing fruits and nuts. Also, you can have a snack around 10 a.m. to assist maintaining your energy level. For instance, good snacks include fruit, juice or energy bars. Have your lunch after the midday workout. Have some foods with leafy salads, which can help replace the fluids lost during your workouts. If your workout is particularly intensive, you need to eat a larger lunch to stop hunger. To sustain your energy level, eat a brown bread sandwich, a chicken salad with the soup.

3. Evening workouts.

If you would like to exercise before dinner, you need to eat a hearty lunch containing lots of protein and have a healthy snack in the afternoon. The high-protein foods can be chosen from eggs, nuts, seeds and chicken. If you have the lunch pretty early, you can eat a large healthy snack like fruit salad, granola or trail-mix. After you finish the evening workout, have a healthful but not overly large meal, especially when you have had afternoon snacks, because this will negate the workouts ‘benefits. Some recommended foods are fish, lean meat, and vegetables and don’t forget to drink large quantities of fluids.

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