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Diet Tips for Girls from 11 to 16

Diet Tips for Girls from 11 to 16

All of us should have healthy diet habit, however, this can be a bigger challenge to young girls who have to rush to school or whose parents have poor choice on foods. A healthful diet for teenage girls should include a variety of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and lean protein. When you are focusing on your diet of healthful foods, you don’t even have to count calories. However, in the meanwhile, young girls’ diet should also include sufficient calories to support their growing body, and hence you need to make sure to have enough food without going overboard.

1. Have a healthy breakfast.

You will get yourself off to a good start if you have a healthy breakfast. Unfortunately, though, many teens and pre-teens have to skip this extremely important meal due to the rush to get ready for school. As parents, you should purchase healthy breakfast options for your teen girl to take on the go. For instance, you can easily prepare a smoothie along with your girl if you put it in a travel mug. You can also considering making a sandwich with eggs and whole wheat bread. Tutor your teenage girl that having a healthful breakfast could get her metabolism ready for the whole day and prevents her from overeating for other meals.

2. Pack lunch for your girl.

A problem you should face is that school lunches are often far from healthful for your girl and if there are very few choices in the cafeteria, it is time to think about asking your girl to bring her own lunch to school. The food choice can be wider in range, so don’t just limit it to sandwiches. Instead, you can buy lunch containers that can keep food either warm or cold, so that your girl could easily pack her well-balanced meal. If you prepare extra foods for dinner, you can pack the leftovers such as a wrap sandwich stuffed with veggies or a large salad for your kid. In order to save some time in the rush hours, you should pack the food the night before. When other girls see your girl bringing healthy and delicious lunches, they may be inspired and ask their parents to do the same thing.

3. After school snacks.

Snack is one important part of healthy diets for girls. No matter your girl is coming home or going to extracurricular activities after school, you should prepare a healthy snack for her to get through the afternoon slump. At this time of a day, many teens tend to reach for a bag of cookies or chips, however this is not the right thing to do. Instead, your girl should look for snacks that contain both protein and carbs, for example, crackers with cheese or apple with peanut butter. These healthful snacks will fill your girl up and tide her over until dinner time.

4. Prepare healthy family dinner.

If it is possible, it will be best to have dinner as a family. Sometimes it is difficult for a teenage girl since she may need to rush off to a class or a club meeting, thus it is fairly important to set aside some time for family dinners. Typically, home cooked meals have fewer calories and more nutrition than fast foods. If you don’t want to cook occasionally, you can ask your girl to cook some simple dishes on her own.

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