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Diet Tips for College Students

Diet Tips for College Students

When you enter into the college, you have to face the problem of finding a place to eat or cooking foods by yourself. This may be the first time for you to leave your family for so far away; you have to take care of yourself in every possible way. And how to eat healthily would be a real challenge to every freshman to the colleges. Here we offer a few tips to you in an approach to maintain a healthy and balanced diet during your stay at college.

1. Try to handle cafeteria food correctly.

There are various kinds of cafeteria foods in colleges and universities all over the country. Compared with the healthy and fresh foods offered by some cafeterias, there do exist other cafeterias provide fast food which are high in calorie or over-processed. If you just want to totally rely on your meal card, it would be quite difficult to keep a balanced and healthy diet. As a kind of golden rule, you should try to incorporate as many kinds of foods as you could in your daily meals, especially the whole food. Any food, if it is closer to its source, should contain lower calories and higher nutritional value, for example, a chicken breast which is grilled is much better than the nachos made with cheese. If possible, go to the salad bar in the college for both lunch and dinner, and choose spinach rather than iceberg lettuce. If you want to have some sugary food to help your brain run better for a long day work, you had better take orange juice instead of sweets.

2. Try to cook your own meals.

If you have time and are capable of cooking foods yourself, you should avoid having those ready-made options such as frozen pizzas, microwavable dinners or instant soups; instead you could learn cooking something quick and healthy from a simple cookbook, which could tell you the right way to boil an egg or teach you how to cook a healthy chicken dinner. In your daily life, you should buy few cream and beer, which are not good to your health as empty-calorie foods. When you want to cook by yourself, you need stock up on simple ingredients, with which you could cook a wide range of meals, just you have at home.  In order to find more fun in cooking, you could invite some friends to join you in such attempt. By doing so, everyone in the group has his or her special dish to cook, so you would have the chance to enjoy the different homemade foods in a week.

3. Try to follow the healthier way in eating on the run.

For most college students, it is frequently seen that they are in a rush from one class or activity to the next one, always on the run. In such hurry, sometimes you could easily touch on the fast food for the convenience. To avoid such fast foods, you are kindly advised to resort to the other options. The fruit is one of the better options, for it is inexpensive, easy to eat, full of minerals and vitamins and good for health. Fruit could boost the activity of your brain when you need it in most cases. It is strongly suggested that you should prepare a fruit bowl in your dorm and take one of them when you go out each day. In addition, you could also have some trail mix, nuts or granola bars which are regarded the type of foods offering necessary energy by the means of easy-to-eat and easy-to-store. As nuts have higher content of fat, remember you should mix them with other foods when needed.

4. Try to go with general advice.

It is clear that some kinds of factors, such as being inexperienced in cooking, having limited meal card or leading a fast-paced life, would affect your efforts in having a balanced and healthy diet in college. However it is now a right time to build up the good habits of eating which would last the rest of your life. So, you had better act now, and your body would keep on moving along the healthy track so as to maintain the weight properly and save your money as well.

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