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Diet Tips for Christmas

Diet Tips for Christmas

Christmas holiday could be a very difficult time for a dieter. As your holiday calendar is filled up with parties to attend, you will feel like giving up on your goals of losing weight and keeping fitness. A good solution is to learn how to keep your overall fitness in focus and avoid temptations. With some quick tips, you should be able to enjoy the Christmas treats without overeating while stay active with the festive workouts. Here come the tips to help you get through the holidays successfully without gaining extra pounds.

1. Keep active.

Don’t neglect and stop your exercise routine during the Christmas. There are plenty of activities can make your workout festive. You can go for a long walk at evening to enjoy the Christmas lights around your neighborhood, turn on some upbeat Christmas music when you are doing aerobic workout, or you can take advantage of seasonal ice-skating rinks at various cities open in December. No matter which way you choose, the overall goal is to keep yourself active and burn out extra calories that you might be consumed. If possible, have one extra workout per week so that you will be more capable to combat the extra holiday treats you may enjoy.

2. Drink waters.

You should drink at least eight cups of water per day to keep your body hydrated and make you feel fuller. In parties and social events, tell yourself to stay away from traditional holiday beverages such as sugary cocktails and eggnog. It is known that alcoholic beverages contain empty calories that can increase your appetite. If you do want to enjoy an alcoholic drink, opt for a full-bodied glass of light beer or wine because both of them contain fewer calories than other alcohol drinks.

3. Just taste a bite.

During the Christmas holidays, others may offer you with cakes, cookies or other fat laden appetizers. You don’t want to lose control on your fitness, while you don’t want to offend the hostess. Hence, the best way is to enjoy a bit or two for the dessert and then share the rest with your friends. At dinners or buffets with high-calorie selections, you should just take a spoonful instead of eat the full serving. By using this “tasting” method, you can enjoy the flavor without consuming extra calories.

4. Eat right!

You do not have to avoid any parties, family gatherings or extravagant meals during the Christmas. Drink more water throughout the day and have a salad or some broth-based vegetable soup before you attend the festivities. By doing so, you will curb your appetite and give yourself a better control when you are faced with high-calorie foods. At the dinners or parties, look for the healthiest foods being served and make it as your bulk meal.

5. Consider to regift.

You might be inundated by a gift of candy, cookies or a special treat from your neighbors or well-meaning friends. Avoid the temptation of enjoy them and think about to regift them to people in needs. For example, you can bring them to a party as hostess gifts, or drop them off at a homeless shelter or nursing home. You can also set them out at family gatherings or when a friend is coming to visit you.
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