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Diet Tips for Children

Diet Tips for Children

CDC reported that by 2008, childhood obesity has been tripled over the past three decades. If your pediatrician told you that your kid is carrying extra weight, it is time to take some action and help your child slim down. Consult with your pediatrician to suggest a target weight for your child and assess his overall health to make sure that there are not any medical conditions that have to be addressed with. Once this is done, you can begin in a new direction to achieve better health goals for your child.

1. Cut back empty calories.

If your kid enjoys soda or other sugar beverages, tell her to have some but not the entire can. You can pour part of the can into a cup and although she may rebel at the first place, eventually she will adjust with the new rule. If she still resists, tell her that there are only two choices: part of a can in a cup or nothing at all. You can continue to allow occasional vending machine treats, but just let your kid have half of the chocolate bar and keep the rest for the next time. Bring a food bag with you to keep the rest half and put it in refrigerator when you get home.

2. Promote healthier snacks.

Prepare some health snacks ready for your child after school. For example, you can have cut-up vegetables and fruits in the fridge before your kid gets back home. Lead your child by example, and let your child see you eating raw vegetables and fruits instead of potato chips or cookies. Let your kid know the importance and benefits of healthy food. For instance, explain to your child that if he has an orange but not a bag of chips, the orange might protect him from catching cold that is going around the school.

3. Healthy food choices.

Help your child make better food choices and make some compromise in the process. For example, if your child is asking for a caramel ice cream, you can offer some caramel sauce to dip apple slices; if she wants soda, you can provide milk with a bit of chocolate syrup added; when she pleads for peanut butter cookies, spread peanut butter on banana slices; if she is craving apple pie, toast an apple sandwich for her instead.

4. Portion control.

When your child is already carrying extra weight, there is no needs to give him some cheese and macaroni at dinner, even if he asks for some. Make his serving of mashed potatoes smaller and pour less gravy on it. Increase the serving of carrots to compensate. Children’s appetite will be used to a certain amount of foods, thus, if you cut it back gradually, he will have less chance to complain of feeling hungry.
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