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Diet Tips for Cabbage Soup Diet

Diet Tips for Cabbage Soup Diet

Do you need to lose weight for a big event? Or just want to jump initiate your weight loss plan? The cabbage soup diet is one of the great ways to drop some of those annoying pounds while enjoying delicious soups. Please keep in mind that this diet is not intended for longer than seven days, but you should be able to slide into your favorite pair of jeans after the diet.

1. Plan your diet.

You can find hundreds of various cabbage soup recipes online or published and the criteria to choose the right recipe is to see if it appeals to your taste, is easy to prepare and most importantly, has a healthy amount of nutrients. During your seven day regimen, you will need to prepare at least two batches of soup. Don’t be limited by the recipe and feel free to add spices and fresh herbs into the soup. Be careful on the amount of sodium you add to the soup—although sodium helps balance electrolytes, it also causes gaining water weight if it is overly consumed.

2. The cabbage diet.

Generally, the first several days should be the easiest for most people and normally from the third day, fatigue, brain fogginess as well as muscle aches set in. At this time, you should drink more water and refrain from coffee, sodas and alcohol drinks. To ensure that you have all the necessary nutrients, you can take a multivitamin. If hunger or tiredness starts, eat as much soup as you can. Your stomach should feel full faster if you spice up the soup with a hot sauce.

3. The drawbacks of the diet and the results.

The most important reason that most people abandon this diet is lack of planning. Having sufficient soup in hand is imperative. If you begin to feel dizzy or light-headed, you should not drive and have to stop any physical activities. The workouts should be continued after the diet. A good way to employ the diet plan easily is to get a friend or family member as a dieting partner. It is known that emotional support is an important force to get your through hunger pains. An important thing to note is, if you have a history of medical or emotional problems, you should not use this diet. Please be cognizant of your body throughout the diet and if you feel faint, stop the diet immediately. In a nutshell, the cabbage diet is one of the best diets out there for a quick diet fix. With a successful cabbage diet, you will be pleased about the slimming results, while you will be on the fast track to select a diet plan for a long run.

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